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A million goodie cashback transactions in the first half of 2020


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In the first half of this year users of the goodie cashback programme, which allows money spent in several hundred online shops to be partly returned, made over a million transactions. Close to PLN 3,5 million cashback was returned to their accounts.

– Goodie cashback programme users are becoming increasingly active; in the first half of the year they spent 110 million zloty via goodie – Wojciech Grudzień, the CEO of Millennium Goodie, said. – We recently launched a completely new release of the goodie app and website and using the goodie cashback service has become even more convenient and intuitive – Wojciech Grudzień added.

Saving during online purchases with goodie cashback is very simple. Just download the goodie app to your smartphone or visit the website, register with goodie, then select the service or product with the cashback sign, go to the particular store’s website using the link provided by goodie and finish the purchase. Within one working day from the purchase, the amount of accrued cashback will appear on the goodie account (from a few to even several dozen per cent of the amount paid for the purchases) with the status “Waiting”. The status will change to “Approved” after the shop has confirmed the transaction was OK. Having collected at least PLN 21, you can transfer it to any bank account in Poland. It is important to note that cashback may be combined with other rebates available on the goodie shopping platform, offered by Internet stores covered by the programme and with special discounts specially prepared for goodie users.

In the newly released version of goodie the app and the website have gained new looks and goodie has become an even more convenient shopping companion. In the new goodie it is much easier to check the balance of your own cashback account, browse advertising leaflets and loyalty offers of shopping malls. Also, the application offers a system of likes, filters and sorting, so that discount offers of your favourite brands always appear in the user’s mobile phone in first places.

The goodie platform Regulations are available on A description of how goodie cashback works can be found on

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