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Smart shopping with the new goodie


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The goodie shopping app, downloaded already over 1,7 million times, has been prepared in a completely new release. The intuitive personalised app gives even more possibilities as regards planning daily shopping with promo leaflets, seeking-out the best deals and using loyalty cards. The new version of goodie was released to the first group of users; over the next days it will be released to further ones.

The app, which tailors itself to the user

Working on the new version of the app firat of all we focused on personalisation. The new goodie adapts to the user, showing the best shopping deals for him, promotions of favourite brands and adjusting presentation of particular sections and options to how and how often the particular person uses them. A new transparent layout and intuitive navigation make finding shopping deals even easier – Wojciech Grudzień, CEO of Millennium Goodie, said.

The to-date functionality of goodie has been split between three bookmarks shown at the bottom of the screen after opening the app. Users interested in looking at promo leaflets and discounts will choose the “Discover” part, where they will find all latest deals, which can be conveniently assorted, filtered by category or viewed by latest ones from last 24 hours. Under the “Your goodie” bookmark users will see options, which they use most often - favourite functions have been grouped in one place for convenience of use of the app. Under the “Profile” bookmark the users will find their favourite brands, liked deals; they can also add and edit their data or immediately send a message to goodie. It is important to note that the app can be easily tailored to personal preferences, changing the order of the presented sections.

The power of recommendation

In daily life we readily follow the recommendations of other people, looking for a tried and tested product or service. With this rule in mind we let the app users speak - they can like deals and on the basis of recommendations ranking lists will be created, thanks to which the goodie users’ community will easily learn about promotions other users are recommending – Wojciech Grudzień said.

The new goodie also allows checking of ranking lists of the most popular deals of the day, week or month, to arrange and filter them.

Saving during online purchases

The goodie cashback service, thanks to which part of the money spent during online purchases can return to the user’s account, is increasingly popular. – The number of transactions covered by the goodie cashback programme in June was close to five times higher than in June last year. Now using the service is still simpler, thanks to ranking lists of the best deals, created on the basis of user feedback, or the possibility to quickly check the balance of the cashback account – Wojciech Grudzień added.

Convenient planning of purchases

Thanks to intuitive navigation in the new goodie you can immediately find latest promotion leaflets and add products from them directly to a virtual shopping list. With shopping centre maps available in the app, shopping will be very efficient. In goodie you can set-up in moments a loyalty card of more than 60 shopping centres all over Poland, and with the possibility to virtualise plastic cards set up earlier you will always have all discount cards handy.

The goodie platform Regulations are available on A description of how goodie cashback works can be found on