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Cash loan for sole traders available online at Bank Millennium


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Customers of Bank Millennium, running a sole proprietorship, can get a cash loan completely online, on the Millenet website and mobile application. This possibility applies to people who have received an offer from the bank, prepared on the basis of the history of cooperation between the company and the bank, and will meet the conditions of this offer. Funds can be disbursed even within a few minutes after signing the online contract.

The loan application consists of one simple page, the company's data is automatically taken from CEIDG. The customer answers only a few simple questions and fills in the section of statements and consents. Next, the application is processed automatically and in the case of a positive decision, the customer immediately receives a contract to sign. If the loan amount does not require the consent of the spouse, the funds are disbursed even within a few minutes of signing the contract.

- The development of the offer for customers running a sole proprietorship occupies a special place in the strategy of our bank. As part of the projects thanks to which we implement this strategy, there are both tasks aimed at creating a comprehensive product offer for this segment, as well as those that are aimed at simplifying the credit process and at the same time facilitate access to our offer. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have implemented a solution that will allow our customers to receive a cash loan in a convenient online process – says Waldemar Jarek, head of the Consumer Finance Sub-unit at Bank Millennium.

- As always, we care about building exceptional customer experiences, which is why the application for a cash loan for micro-entrepreneurs is short, transparent and automated. The client can fill it out conveniently online, and in addition, at every stage of the application, he can use the support of an expert on a chat. When designing this solution, we used our experience in building an omnichannel cash loan process for individual customers, which we have been developing for several years together with our customers. Making this process available is a milestone for us on the way to implementing our strategy, in which in the segment of micro-entrepreneurs, digital credit processes are one of the growth drivers – says Tomasz Brzostowski, Head of Digital Sales Sub-unit, Bank Millennium.

In the case of loans, the amount of which requires the consent of the spouse or when it is necessary to provide additional documents, e.g. confirming property separation, the client will be asked to go to any Bank Millennium branch.