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Konto 360° with a good climate for money – new television commercial of Bank Millennium


On 11 September a new television commercial of Konto 360°, offered by Bank Millennium, will go on air. This time together with Radek Kotarski we will go to a beautiful palm house full of tropical plants.

- In ancient times a palm was a symbol of victory, hence the expression palm of priority means an advantage – Radek Kotarski says in the commercial. Thanks to a favourable environment we can see palms all year round in palm houses. Meanwhile a favourable environment for finances is provided all year on Konto 360° account. It is a modern account, thanks to which you can not only conveniently manage your finances but for instance get medical and technical help with the generous Assistance Pack. Total monthly turnover of PLN 100 and one payment with a card or by BLIK in a month is all it takes to have the account, card and withdrawals from cash machines free of charge. For more information about Konto 360° visit

The television commercial will be shown on national channels, selected thematic channels and on Bank Millennium’s channel on YouTube. The spot will also be promoted online. Additional shortened versions of the commercial - two 15-second spots and four 6-second ones have been prepared for purposes of the online campaign. The spot was created by Change Serviceplan and produced by Film Reaktor, while media were bought by Starcom.

Waiver of fees for maintenance of the payment account, debit card and cash withdrawals from cash machines in case of at least PLN 1000 externally sourced turnover and at least 1 payment with the debit card or by BLIK in a month. Domestic transfers in PLN (internal transfer and transfer to another domestic bank) via Millenet and the mobile app are free of charge. A cash withdrawal from a cash machine in foreign currency shall be converted to PLN, which involves an additional margin stipulated in the Price List for Debit Cards. Operators of cash machines abroad may charge fees for cash withdrawals independently of the Bank provided that they have informed the Cardholder before making the transaction. This fee is not revenue of Bank Millennium S.A. The account is offered with the optional “Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny” pack, which provides 7 interventions in a year and is free during the first 12 months of keeping the account. The fee for subsequent months is PLN 4.98. Fees, interest rate and other details of the offering are contained in price lists relating to fees and commissions, debit cards, interest rates as well as BLIK Mobile Payments, in General Regulations on Provision of Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium SA, Regulations of the “Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny” Offering, Insurance Terms and Conditions and “Pakiet Bardzo Pomocny” Product Card as well as in the Document containing information about the insurance product, available in Millennium branches and on