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Internet users on use of promotional newsletters – results of „Shopping 2020” survey


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According to the "Shopping 2020" survey, when looking for promotional offers, Polish Internet users most often reach for the newsletters published by shops and supermarkets (64% of indications among respondents who declared interest in promotions). The electronic format of promotional newsletters available on the goodie shopping platform allows you to plan your purchases conveniently and safely without leaving home. Making shopping lists is particularly important given the developing epidemic, when we want to minimize the time spent in brick-and-mortar stores to protect our health and that of the others. In March this year, the newsletters in goodie were opened almost 800 000 times (the number has doubled since October 2019). Users of the newsletters in goodie look them up on average 11 times per month.

According to the results of the "Shopping 2020" survey, after the newsletters, the next source of information for bargain seeking Internet users are websites of selected brands/shops (59%), discount coupons they received when shopping earlier (52%) or loyalty programs they use (46%). 68% of all the respondents stated that they usually browse through free newsletters and flyers delivered to their homes, and 53% that they usually take free newsletters from the stores where they do their shopping (the "Shopping 2020" survey conducted for Millennium Goodie by PBS on a representative sample of Polish Internet users in January this year).

JAccording to the survey, those who use the goodie application rated its usefulness as very high in terms of almost all its functionalities, whereas access to promotional newsletters was rated as useful by 86% of goodie users. In goodie you may conveniently review the current newsletters of almost 50 shopping networks. goodie’s new functionality also allows you to mark products directly in the newsletters you are browsing, and the items you have selected are added to your goodie shopping list. - Electronic access to newsletters is nowadays much more than just convenience, it's also about your safety. Thanks to goodie, you can conveniently browse through the newsletter in its electronic format at home and mark selected products which will be automatically added to your shopping list in goodie. With such a list we will do our shopping in a brick-and-mortar or online shop quickly and efficiently, while our shopping will be well thought-out, well-planned and cost-effective - says Wojciech Grudzień, chairman of Millennium Goodie. - Planning and ongoing tracking of shopping bargains is particularly important in the case of shopping for groceries, which we repeat regularly. We replenish our stocks at home a few times a month and when we plan our shopping using the newsletters, we simply save more – adds Wojciech Grudzień.

The goodie mobile app and the website are a convenient shopping adviser, which provides quick access to information about discounts, sales offers and promotions in traditional and online shops. With goodie cashback you can get a refund of part of your shopping expenses in several hundred online shops. The app allows you to set up loyalty cards of shopping centres and learn about the best price deals. With goodie saving money may be part-and-parcel of daily shopping.

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