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Initiating payments from accounts in other banks in Bank Millennium’s electronic banking


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Bank Millennium is the first bank in Poland to launch a service where the bank’s customers can use the Millenet Internet system to send transfers from their accounts in other banks. This is another solution released by the bank on the basis of opportunities created by PSD2. Earlier, Bank Millennium, as one of the first banks in Poland began giving customers the opportunity to add accounts from various banks to their e-banking.

In the new service the first group of customers of Bank Millennium who have added accounts in other banks to their e-banking, can now send in Millenet a domestic transfer from accounts kept in PLN with PKO BP. The service will be gradually released to further groups of customers and will grow to include accounts from further banks as well as other types of transactions. It is also planned to launch the functionality in the mobile app.

- We underscored many times that PSD2 Directive gives us great opportunities. Thanks to it we now offer services as yet unseen on the market. After introducing Finances 360°, thanks to which customers can see in their e-banking the balances and history of transactions on their accounts in other banks, the time has come to the opportunity to initiate transactions from these accounts. The solutions used make going through the process very customer-friendly and eliminates doubts in all stages - Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium, said.

Sending a transfer is very simple. You need to select the account from another bank, which was added earlier in the Finances 360° service and on the reverse of the tile with this account choose Domestic transfer. After it has been selected the transfer form will pop up to be filled-out and for checking the required approvals. After clicking on Next you will be transferred to the logon page of the bank from whose account the transfer is being sent.

After logging on and confirming the transaction with the authorisation method used in the particular bank, you will be transferred back to Millenet. In Millenet all transactions thus initiated will be shown in Payments > Initiated payments.