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Motorway e-ticket at Bank Millennium


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Bank Millennium is expanding the capabilities of its mobile application. As part of the Autostrady service, it provided customers with the opportunity to purchase motorway tickets on sections of the A2 Konin-Stryków and A4 Wrocław-Sośnica motorways.

From 9 November, Bank Millennium customers can already pay for a car ride of up to 3.5 tons on state sections of motorways operated by the National Revenue Administration. The e-motorway ticket (eToll) is available directly in the banking application. To use the solution, the driver should register in the Motorway service in the tab with additional services in the bank's application and add his vehicle. Then just select the vehicle for which you want to pay for the ride. We also mark the motorway, the place of entry and exit and the planned date and time of travel. The ticket is active on the indicated route only once and can be used within 48 hours of the planned start of the journey.

The solution is simple and intuitive. Customers do not need to install additional applications. The fee is quickly charged from the account chosen by the customer. Bank Millennium is one of the few that has made this service available to its clients. So far, in the application, they have already had the opportunity to automatically pay for the journey on the A1 Nowa Wieś-Rusocin and A4 Katowice-Kraków motorway sections. However, it is worth remembering that automatic journeys are valid on sections operated by private entities, while an e-motorway ticket should be purchased on roads operated by the National Revenue Administration.

Bank Millennium is constantly expanding the catalogue of services within the mobile application, which, in addition to motorway fees, includes the purchase of parking tickets and public transport, cinema tickets, top-up codes for games and online services. Through the application, you can also submit official applications and apply for 500+, 300+ and RKO benefits and co-financing of stay in the nursery. The Bank Millennium mobile application enables contactless payments by phone, BLIK payments, setting up a deposit, investments and the purchase of insurance. Its users can also take advantage of the programme of refunds for purchases.

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