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Tourist Voucher available via Bank Millennium’s Internet banking


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Customers of Bank Millennium, who are eligible for the Tourist Voucher, can collect it via Internet banking in Bank Millennium.

The Polish Tourist Voucher is a new form of support for Polish families and the Polish tourist sector, which is a holiday subsidy. The voucher is worth PLN 500 and is available for every child up to the age of 18. In case of children with diagnosed disability the voucher value is PLN 1000. The voucher may be used to pay for hotel services or tourist events provided in Poland by a tourism company or a public benefit organisation.

The Polish Tourist Voucher has the form of an electronic voucher valid until end of March 2022. It is available on the PUE ZUS platform, which can be logged-on via i.a. the Millenet Internet service of Bank Millennium. The Voucher will be activated in the IT system after confirmation of data correctness or update. The customer shall receive the voucher in the form of a 16-digit code to a specified phone number or e-mail address. It will have to be shown when booking a stay or upon check-in at the latest.

Customers of Bank Millennium can log-on to the PUE ZUS platform via Millenet in three different ways:

  • after redirecting directly from the PUE ZUS logon page,
  • after redirecting from Trusted Profile website,
  • after logging-on to Millenet, in the MilleUrząd > PUE ZUS bookmark and after non-recurrent consent for this method of logging-on to PUE ZUS.

For more information on Polish Tourism Voucher go to