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Bank Millennium with the title of Europe’s Diversity Leader 2023 from the Financial Times


Bank Millennium was awarded the title of Europe’s Diversity Leader 2023 in a ranking prepared by the Financial Times and Statista. Thus, it once again found itself among the employers from Europe who support and promote diversity in their organisations. The companies distinguished in the ranking were selected on the basis of the recommendations of their employees.

The Financial Times and Statista's "Europe’s Diversity Leaders 2023" ranking is based on the results of an independent survey of more than 100,000 employees of institutions and companies from 16 European countries. Employees of companies employing more than 250 employees from as many as 26 industries were qualified to participate in the survey. Survey participants rated their employer's diversity and inclusivity practices. Based on the results of the survey, the authors of the ranking distinguished 850 companies with the highest scores.

At Bank Millennium, we make sure that together with our employees we create a culture that appreciates diversity and supports inclusivity. Its emergence, as well as development requires time, attention and thoughtful effort. We believe that every person deserves respect and appreciation, which is why we educate, talk and place special emphasis on supporting these values both inside and outside our organisation. We value the diversity of all people working in the bank, because it is thanks to them that we can better understand the market and customers. I am proud that our employees appreciate these activities, because it confirms that we are a company in which we all operate on equal terms - said Magdalena Trzynadlowska, Director of the Sustainability Office.

For years, Bank Millennium has been actively working to support and promote diversity and inclusion among its employees. It is also one of the basic elements inscribed in its strategy of action. The Bank has a Diversity Policy and is a signatory of the UN Diversity Charter, which is a commitment signed by organisations deciding to introduce a ban on discrimination in the workplace and acting towards creating and promoting diversity.

The full content of the “Europe’s Diversity Leaders 2023” ranking is here: link otwiera się w nowym oknie