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Bank Millennium supports 100 anniversary of jazz in Poland


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For more than twenty years, Bank Millennium has been a sponsor of one of the most important events on the jazz map of Poland. On 12-14 August 2019 in Iława the 51st International Festival of Traditional Jazz "Old Jazz Meeting - Złota Tarka” will take place. This year the event will be held under the exceptional banner "100 Years of Jazz Poland”.

On 29 November 1922 in the Warsaw's restaurant Oaza a concert was given by the Zygmunt Karasiński's Group. This event is deemed to have marked the beginning of the Polish jazz stage. Nearly one hundred years later, lovers of music originating from New Orleans will gather in Iława to celebrate together, within the next round of one of the Poland's oldest jazz festival, an exceptions anniversary.

- We are happy to be able to celebrate, together with traditional jazz fans, this very important moment for them. From the very beginning of Bank Millennium existence we have been supporting cultural events as reflected by nearly two decades' long cooperation with Złota Tarka organisers - a festival held in Iława, appreciated by domestic and foreign music circles. By all means, we believe that sponsoring culture gives us an opportunity to positively influence our environment both at local and country-wide levels - says Dariusz Spirydowicz, dyrektor regionalny in Bank Millennium.

The „Złota Tarka” Festival traditionally will be held on the stage of the amphitheatre named after Louis Armstrong, legendary American trumpet player and jazz singer. This year viewers will be able to enjoy concerts given by stars and groups such as Brass Federacja, Nika Lubowicz, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Szymon Klekowicki Parnas Band, Tamara Behler, Radosłąw Mosurk, Alchemik Big Band Grzegorza „Grzecha” Piotrowskiego, Hanna Banaszak, Ewa Bem, Janusz Szrom, Piotr Schmidt, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Gunhild Carling, Karolina Szewc and the Peter Mante Choir.

The full programme of “Złota Tarka” is available here: otwiera się w nowym oknie.

For 30 years now Bank Millennium has been supporting national and local cultural events. It is a sponsor of culture 360°, because it promotes art in almost all its forms, including: film, music, painting, sculpture, theatre, photography, literature and performance. The Bank provides its support also to both niche and popular. Focusing on a long-term cooperation based on the principles of partnership, we have been, for 17 years, supporting the Poland's biggest film festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity. For 17 years we have been sponsoring the Golden Sceptre award for eminent culture creators. For more than decade we have been sponsoring the “Pearls of Millennium” - a project, which aimed to produce, promote and present high culture artistic events. Bank Millennium support covered cultural initiatives such as Gdańsk Music Festival, Festival „Two Theatres”, Mozart festival in Warsaw Chamber Opera, Bella Skyway Festival or Sacrum Profanum Festival.