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Bank Millennium wins multiple Institution of the Year 2020 title


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In this year’s edition of the Institution of the Year ranking, organised by Moje Bankowanie, where financial institutions are recognised for an exceptional, complex and detailed approach to quality of customer service, Bank Millennium was awarded in no less than five categories. The list of best outlets in Poland includes 19 branches of Bank Millennium. This year also the tiles of Personality of the Year were awarded. One of them honoured Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium.

In Institution of the Year customers and experts evaluated banks and insurance companies in seven categories. This year Bank Millennium was hailed winner of as many as five of them:

  • Best service in remote channels
  • Best account opening remote process
  • Best internet banking
  • Best mobile application
  • Corporate social identity for the Financial ABCs project

This year also for the first time, following four evaluation stages, Best Service awards were given to particular bank branches. The awards went to 19 branches of Bank Millennium.

- 2019 was a year one of a kind. It proved that we are able to focus on three key areas at the same time – organic growth, introducing innovative solutions and on huge multidimensional projects. Unquestionably the biggest challenge and at the same time project of the year was the merger with Euro Bank. The key to all our activities was always a focus on top quality positive customer experience. We believe that in the age of general digitalisation and rapid technological development, the success of a company is determined by the ability to build long-term, durable and trust-based relationships with customers - João Bras Jorge, Chairman of the Management Board of Bank Millennium, said.

In the “Best service in remote channels” category available forms of contact were evaluated, contact by phone as well as contact via selected other contact channels, such as chat, video, e-mail or contact form. During 4 survey waves the experts made a total of 1700 phone, e-mail and video contacts. Winners were selected on the basis of average result from 4 waves of the survey, which was set at a minimum of 80%.

In the “Best account opening remote process” experts tried to open 10 accounts in each bank, without leaving home. Attention was focused on the application, the bank’s communication, method of delivering the agreement, the documents sent, payment card, account activation as well as the possibility to close it remotely.

In the “Best internet banking” category five diversified customer groups made the evaluation. Also functionality was checked, how friendly access was to the account and how intuitive the interface was. It was also examined, which banks offer only a basic scope of functionalities, and which offer full account management online.

Mobile systems, as internet banking, were evaluated by 5 diversified customer groups; with different expectations of the app. Customers checked what transactions and instructions they can make by phone and how easy it is to navigate the mobile system.

In the “Corporate social identity” category the awarded projects included Financial ABCs, which promotes and delivers financial education of children by carrying out 2 200 workshops for close to 53 000 children from approximately 630 kindergartens from all over Poland.

This year also the tiles of Personality of the Year were awarded for the first time. The awards went to six persons who stood out with their contribution to development of improvements and innovations related to customer service. They included Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department in Bank Millennium.