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Bank Millennium sponsors Portuguese evening with live Fado music


On Friday, November 4, Lloyd's factory in Bydgoszcz will host a special Portuguese evening with live Fado music, during which renowned artists from Lisbon will perform. This unique music and traditional cuisine are to bring the participants closer to the culture of Portugal. Bank Millennium is the naming rights sponsor of the event.

During the evening, Rodrigo Costa Félix - Fado singer, Filipa Vieira and Ana Margarida - Fado singers, Carlos Viçoso - classic guitar, Vasco Sousa - bass guitar and Francisco Pereira - Portuguese guitar, will perform.

- Bank Millennium has been culturally engaged for over three decades, practically since the beginning of its activity. With its patronage, it reaches for niche and popular culture, supporting cultural projects of national and local scope. This year, we are also pleased to be a sponsor of the evening, which promotes the Portuguese culture so dear to us – says Michał Kąkolewski, Regional Director at Bank Millennium.

Fado is a traditional Portuguese musical style, recognised on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

Rodrigo Costa Félix began singing Fado at the age of 17. He was not one of those singers whose style was imposed from the outside, rather it allowed him to grow from the inside. Six months after his debut at Fado house in Lisbon, he received his first invitation to perform as a hired singer at one of the trendiest places in the industry: São Caetano. Music from that moment became his life and passion. He participated in many Fado compilations and appeared in many albums, i.a. in the latest ("Al Rescate del Alma") by Maria do Ceo, a well-known Galician singer. He is one of the vocalists, along with Mariza, Camane and Ana Sofia Varela, on Mário Pacheco's "Clube de Fado – A Música e a Guitarra", a CD/DVD recorded live in 2005 at the Queluz National Palace. In 2014, he edited his multi-artistic project "Brincar aos Fados", which aims to bring Fado closer to younger generations, combining the melodies of traditional Fado with poems adapted to the younger ones. Artists such as Camane, Cristina Branco, Katia Guereirro, Mafalda Arnauth and Celeste Rodrigues have collaborated with him.

Filipa Vieira was born in Lisbon. Fado has always accompanied her life, at the age of 11 she made her public debut. An inventive, interesting and courageous spirit led her to join the cast of "Tablao de Fado" in 2013, a mix of contemporary dance, flamenco and Fado, directed by Alexandra Batáglia at the Teatro Ibérico in Lisbon. Currently, Filipa Vieira materialises her imagination, artistic identity and artistic career in a unique look at Fado. "Passo apresado" is the first project in which she will take the audience on her experimental journey, which she follows in the company of producer Tiago Pais Diasa.

Ana Margarida is a singer dedicated to Fado. Her warm, rich and expressive voice is one of the most recognisable in the Fado community. She studied Multimedia Communication and in parallel took part in several musical theatre projects, such as "Bach2Cage" and "Fungaga da Bicharada". Ana began focusing on Fado performances in 2008 when she received the award for Best Newcomer at the Fado gala concert in Porto. Since then, she has been sharing Fado with the world. In Portugal, she is an often invited performer to Lisbon's leading fado houses and to sing in musical projects combining Fado with other styles. Ana Margarida has performed all over Europe and is currently preparing her debut album with the support of the Fado Museum.