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Bank Millennium still with a top score in the WIG-ESG index of socially responsible companies


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On 29 May the Warsaw Stock Exchange made a quarterly adjustment of the list of participants in the WIG-ESG index, where Bank Millennium has been present since January 2020. Again the Bank reached for top score as regards environmental, social, economic and corporate governance matters (ESG 1,0) as well as compliance with the Code of Best Practice (KDP 1,0).

WIG-ESG is an income-based index, which means that its calculation takes into account the prices of transactions concluded in it as well as dividend income. The index is created by giving companies additional weight (to the value of free float) – ESG evaluation (provided by the global Sustainalytics company) as well as evaluation of corporate governance (made by GPW). In the ESG rating Bank Millennium is among top-scoring 4 companies.

In Bank Millennium Corporate Social Responsibility means studying and reflecting the needs of Stakeholders (i.a. customers, employees, local communities) in planning and implementing the Group’s strategy. The CSR were often appreciated by the market. In 2010-2019 the Bank was included in GPW’s index of socially responsible companies – Respect Index; every year it is listed in the Top 10 of the Ranking of Socially Responsible Companies kept by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (Responsible Business Forum) and is awarded the CSR Silver Leaf by Polityka weekly.

In its social commitment Millennium focuses on three areas:

  • Banking without barriers. This is about providing all customers with convenient access to financial services. This is why the Bank introduced many improvements for people with sight, hearing and motor impairments (branches, ATMs, website as well as voice telephone service, all accessible to them).
  • Financial education. We believe that it makes sense to form good financial habits already in childhood, this is why the Bank is conducting the “Financial ABCs” kindergarten education programme.
  • Volunteering. For some years now employees who best know the needs of local communities, take part in a competition for grants to carry out community actions. So far the initiatives financed with these grants have included more than 300 volunteers-employees.

Since 14 years ago all CSR actions are recapitulated every year in Bank Millennium’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report: