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The goodie cashback service is now available in Onet Poczta

goodie joins forces with Onet Poczta and integrates solutions that make it easier to save on purchases with the e-mail inbox. Onet Poczta users gain access to the goodie cashback service from their e-mailbox.

- goodie was created to make it easier to take advantage of shopping deals. To make this possible, it combines the functions of many apps available on the market, as well as new, proprietary solutions that support smart purchasing decisions. Thanks to the cashback service, we have already calculated over 50 mln PLN cashback on goodie users' accounts. We are convinced that it is a great tool to support customers in their daily shopping and in saving money. It is worth noting that it is also valued by customers – they have already spent over 2 bn PLN through goodie cashback. That is why, together with Onet, we have decided to make our service available to a wide group of Onet Poczta users. Thanks to the connection of goodie with the e-mail box, it will be even easier to take advantage of discounts and receive refunds for purchases in the form of cashback - said Bolesław Witkowski from Millennium Goodie.

As part of goodie's cooperation with Onet Poczta, the cashback service, which allows users to receive a refund of part of the money spent on online shopping, will be available directly from the e-mail level. E-mails from stores and marketplaces cooperating with goodie will be clearly marked in the inbox of Onet Poczta users. In addition, they will also be placed in a special folder called "Cashback". This includes offers from over 800 merchants from the Polish market, including the largest retail chains offering online shopping.

- In recent years, online shopping has grown in importance. Our research shows that more than 85% of Onet Poczta users indicate it as an everyday need. Unfortunately, until now, email providers in Poland have not supported this aspect of users' lives. E-mails with notifications from stores or promotional codes were mixed with users' private correspondence. The result was a sense of chaos and unconsciously skipping important messages. Existing email features on the market were not adapted to these challenges. We were the first to learn this lesson by creating an online shopping-friendly mailbox says Marek Kopeć, Head of Onet Poczta.

The cooperation with goodie is one of the innovative changes that Onet Poczta is introducing on its platform to make it easier to use e-mail when shopping online. Onet Poczta users can also benefit from i.a. intelligent algorithms that properly filter and segregate newsletters into a special folder, which supports email management. Every Onet Poczta user can take advantage of the new improvements, all they need to do is turn on the smart functions in their mailbox.

Onet Poczta provides solutions that make life easier in the digital reality. Directly from the mailbox you can pay bills, order a courier, view your tickets and bookings. And now, it makes online shopping even easier. And all this in a secure environment thanks to additional security in the form of: two-step verification, BIMI or the Trusted Sender function. Over 4 million monthly active users enjoy access to Onet Poczta, using it on any device. Including modern applications, created in accordance with the latest trends in mobile design.

goodie is a free-of-charge mobile app and website www.goodie.pllink otwiera się w nowym oknie, which helps save on purchases. It combines the shopping refund function with a convenient guide through promotional offers of traditional and on-line shops. goodie aggregates discount coupons and with the cashback service provides a refund of part of the money spent on purchases in close to 800 online shops. It allows you to browse leaflets with offers of the most popular shops and discount stores and create your own shopping lists. It also provides virtual gift cards that can be used to pay in all online and traditional shops in Poland, also even at petrol stations or restaurants.