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Bank Millennium is the best bank in Poland

Double crown for Bank Millennium in Newsweek's Friendly Bank ranking. The Bank is the winner of this year's ranking, winning in both ranking categories – "Bank for Kowalski" and "Remote Banking". The bank also took second place in the Forbes Company-Friendly Bank ranking, moving up another two positions compared to last year.

"This is a unique distinction for us and an amazing achievement of our entire banking team, the result of hard work, professionalism and motivation. We have won all the major accolades in the sector this year. In May, we enjoyed an immense success, which was our winning the Golden Banker. Adding other awards to the list, we can proudly and confidently say that we are the best – we are appreciated by customers, the market and the industry – says says Joao Bras Jorge, Bank Millennium’s CEO.

Newsweek's Friendly Bank is a ranking assessing the quality of service for individual customers, prepared on the basis of the mystery shopper method. All service channels are evaluated. According to the organisers, this year's double crown for Bank Millennium is a rare event, as it has taken place only a few times in the history of the ranking, the last time at the end of the previous decade. In their opinion, Bank Millennium has been showing a very high level of services in both key categories for a long time, not leaving the podium for three years.

Bank Millennium's winning the "Bank for Kowalski" category was unquestionable. The Bank achieved 90 per cent of the maximum number of points, and in most aspects of the quality of service it had the best or near-best result in the entire group. The quality of service was crucial. This year, it has been given a higher weight, while the scope of questions and assessments of auditors in various aspects of this service has been broadened. Particular attention was paid to the competence of relationship managers in the branches, their involvement in the conversation, the way the offer and fees are presented, inquisitiveness in recognising the client's needs and listening carefully to questions. The willingness to help with technical issues, e.g. with the activation of the mobile application, basic operations, was also highly scored. The competence, politeness and commitment of infoline employees and consultants providing answers via a form or chat were also assessed.

Bank Millennium's first place in this category is all the more important as the level of service in banks has been consistently increasing year by year, and the number of institutions classified in the ranking has been reduced to the ten largest and most focused on improving the quality of service.

Bank Millennium has won in the "Remote Banking" category for the second year in a row. In this category, the quality of remote services was analysed. All channels and tools were tested for user-friendliness and functionality – the online transaction system, infoline, chat, internal mail (e-mail) and external mail (from the website), as well as the mobile application. In this year's ranking, the scope of assessment of employees operating remote channels of contact with the bank has been additionally increased, and the list of evaluated functionalities of the transaction service and mobile application has been expanded.

Forbes’ Company-Friendly Bank is a ranking assessing the quality of service for corporate clients, prepared on the basis of the mystery shopper method. The banks were tested in terms of three profiles of the client-entrepreneur running a sole proprietorship. The profiles differ in the level of experience of entrepreneurs – the length of time they have been in business, the amount of turnover, the number of employees:

  • experienced entrepreneur – a natural person who has been running a business for at least 5 years;
  • entrepreneur – a natural person who has been running a business for at least 3 years;
  • sole proprietorship – a person running a sole proprietorship (does not employ anyone).