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Goodie users have already saved over 34 million PLN


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The goodie platform from Bank Millennium is a tool that helps save on purchases. Through it, users have already completed 12 million transactions in the amount of over 1.5 billion PLN and thus saved over 34 million PLN. Now they can save even more, thanks to the new Superoffer function, which allows up to 30% refund on the value of transactions from popular online stores.

Rising prices affect all of us. We are looking for savings, we buy less or cheaper. However, there are expenses that we incur anyway, such as food, equipment or necessary clothing. And we can also save on them by using tools that easily help you spend less. The Goodie platform supports users in finding the bestdeals, and also guarantees an average of a few percent refund on each transaction made through it. We observe a dynamic increase in the number of users taking this opportunity, and their expenses have already exceeded 1.5 billion PLN – said Bolesław Witkowski, Product Team Manager at Millennium Goodie.

Recently, the goodie platform has been enriched with a new Superoffer function, thanks to which users can save several times more than before. It consists in providing promotional offers with a higher refund value for purchases in selected stores and is available to everyone using goodie. Superoffers are limited in time and systematically change on user accounts. Superoffers for new users who are just starting their adventure with cashback in goodie, are exceptionally attractive. In selected popular brands, they can gain up to 30% refund on purchases. Superoffers include both grocery stores or drugstores, as well as those with interior design or electronic equipment.

The goodie platform is a free mobile application and website www.goodie.pllink otwiera się w nowym okniewhich, in addition to the function of refunds for purchases, acts as a convenient guide to traditional and online stores. It allows you to browse leaflets with offers of the most popular shops and discount stores. Users can thus create their own shopping lists. Goodie aggregates discount coupons and discount information. As part of the cashback program, it provides a refund of part of the money spent on purchases in nearly 800 online stores.

The goodie offer also includes gift eCards, which in a virtual form, with personalised graphics, can be given as a gift to a selected person. An eCard works on the principle of a prepaid card and can be used to pay in all online and traditional stores in Poland, including even at petrol stations or restaurants.

Gift eCards are a particularly good choice also for companies that want to reward their employees (e.g. with a gift for Christmas financed from the Company Social Benefits Fund) or customers (e.g. as a reward for the purchase of products from the company's offering). The card is easy to distribute and does not entail additional fees.

The Regulations of the Platform are available at the following link: otwiera się w nowym oknie