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I le@rn how to bank safely


Bank Millennium is launching a new educational campaign on cybersecurity. "I le@rn how to bank safely" campaign is a series of quizzes, videos and information in branches to draw client attention to the challenges of online safety.

Bank Millennium undertakes a number of initiatives aimed at developing awareness in the area of digital threats and the use of modern technologies. Being a leader in digital solutions on the Polish market is also manifested by our concern for a higher level of security of client funds. All the more so since the threat of cyberattacks is constantly growing, and the digital reality covers new areas of life. In this new campaign, the bank reached for a solution popular not only on the Internet, namely quizzes and riddles.

- Bank Millennium conducts intensive educational activities in the field of safe use of financial services on the web. Methods employed by criminals are analysed on an ongoing basis, which allows us to share information about current threats with customers and remind them of the need to comply with security rules. The fraud problem applies to the entire banking sector in Poland and worldwide. Every educational initiative helps to counteract such incidents, as the key for our clients is to be aware of the existing risk – says Łukasz Ślęzak, Director of the Security Department at Bank Millennium.

The entire banking sector in Poland has been recognizing the challenges related to cybersecurity for many years. Bank Millennium is actively trying to counteract all threats in this area. In its educational campaigns, it includes both digitally active customers, but also those less proficient in the use of electronic banking. "This time we offer our clients knowledge in an interactive form, to make them curious and present them with the most important issues related to online safety in a more engaging way. We have prepared thematic quizzes, and in the video materials we used the proven formula of the game show of knowledge about the world. We describe the methods and tricks that cybercriminals try to use, and give simple tips on how to defend against them. For some clients, this will only be a refreshment of knowledge, but we are also aware that there are still people who do not pay much attention to the protection of confidential data. In a relaxed atmosphere, it is easier to remember information, which is why we wanted to use such a mechanism to support our clients in this important aspect of their digital banking – says Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department at Bank Millennium.

As part of the "I le@rn, how to bank safely" campaign, thematic quizzes and a series of films were created. Bank educates by referring to popular formula of TV game shows. Game participants have a task to select proper answers to questions related to digital security. During the game show, together with the viewers, they can discover how easy it is to fall into the trap of online scammers. The materials address issues that bank clients encounter on a daily basis: fraud during online shopping, vishing, fake investments, payments with the BLIK code and security on advertising portals. A special website has been created where clients can find quizzes, videos and additional information in the field of security. The videos are also available on the bank's Youtube channel. Leaflets and videos with the most important information can also be found in Bank Millennium branches throughout Poland

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