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Bank Millennium Foundation "plans the future of the youngest": it launches the next edition of the "Financial ABCs" programme and celebrates Global Money Week 2023!


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The penultimate week of March is Global Money Week 2023 (GMW) – the 11th edition of the global promotion of financial education of children and youth. In the face of crises such as the consequences of the pandemic, Russian aggression against Ukraine, inflation or climate change, education, financial skills and financial responsibility, developed from an early age, become a priority. The Bank Millennium Foundation has been taking care of the education of the youngest for years. In a moment, it will start with the next edition of the educational programme for the youngest "Financial ABCs" and celebrates the "World Money Week".

The Bank Millennium Foundation has been consciously educating for years - it undertakes activities and educates every day, not only on holidays, not only in the “money week". Financial education, responsibility, thorough understanding of finance and raising awareness of financial behaviours from an early age is one of the priorities of the Bank Millennium Foundation. Since 2016, it has been running a free, proprietary "Financial ABCs" programme for kindergartens and implements it in cooperation with a non-governmental organisation. The essence of the program is to explain to the youngest, through fun, workshops, games and various educational formulas, the basic concepts in the field of finance.

By conducting workshops for the youngest, the Bank Millennium Foundation constantly develops and expands thematic areas, looks for solutions and ways to reach the awareness of recipients, providing diverse, attractive content and organising activities involving parents, carers and kindergarten teachers. Every year, the Foundation expands its activities and the subject matter of the workshops. It provides educational materials for children and their carers on its social media profiles, website and YouTube channel. It wants to be visible and accessible. It implements new content formats, i.e. infographics, audio and video materials, educational films with experts to reach the awareness of the youngest and adults. Supports education. It wants to be a signpost in conversations with children about finances and to suggest how to teach the youngest to respect the value of money, which can only pay off in the future. And it does pay off!

In a moment it starts with the next edition of the "Financial ABCs" programme. It will be crowded, with a mascot and... safe.

"In the spring we are launching the next edition of the "Financial ABCs". We will visit kindergartens previously selected by our employees, which we could not reach in the previous edition. The workshop will be attended by volunteers from the bank. The workshop programme, as in the previous edition, will include elements of new technologies and online security. We plan to conduct about 200 workshops in kindergartens throughout the Polish. Children participating in the workshops will receive books as a gift, and kindergartens participating in the project will receive didactic materials from us (books, money models, a mascot of Mr. Sebastian) - Paulina Wołosz-Sitarek, Member of the Board of the Bank Millennium Foundation, originator of the initiative for the youngest, announced the next edition of the programme.

From the beginning of the "Financial ABCs" programme until the end of 2022, the Foundation organised over 27,000 workshops and trained 68,000 children in kindergartens throughout Poland. In 2022, during the "Financial ABCs" workshops in kindergartens, it additionally focused on cybersecurity and technologies in banking and conducted nearly 400 workshops in 118 kindergartens for approx. 10,000 children.

The Bank Millennium Foundation celebrates this year's "World Money Week" also by participating in discussions – i.a. with the Warsaw Banking Institute Foundation acting on behalf of the Polish banking community and the GMW Foundation, which create an annual inter-environmental forum for discussion, exchange of experiences, cooperation and educational activities in the field of finance, security in cyberspace and entrepreneurship of the financial sector. This year, on 22 March, at the VII Congress of Financial Education and Entrepreneurship, Bank Millennium and the Bank Millennium Foundation were represented by Wojciech Rybak, a member of the Management Board, who took part in an expert debate devoted to the expectations and possibilities of clients in the environment of the conditions of the Polish banking sector in the field of finance and entrepreneurship

See the video dedicated to the workshops.

Bank Millennium Foundation - Financial ABCs - YouTubelink otwiera się w nowym oknie


This year, "World Money Week" falls on March 20-26. The theme of Global Money Week 2023 is "Plan your money, plan your future".

The aim of the Polish campaign is to encourage people to look at the financial future, verify it from a different perspective, also in the social and environmental field, and to take initiatives for the education of the youngest and youth throughout Poland, so that they can make good financial decisions that affect our common future. This year's edition of GMW 2023 is also a time of verification of financial education activities in a new environment, for new recipients - including smaller and weaker social groups and inclusion of research, scientific and development circles in the activities. Celebrating "money week" is meant to inspire children, youth and institutions to achieve financial well-being and financial resilience as a result. The Bank Millennium Foundation has been celebrating the "Money Week" for years, invariably, every day.