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Bot Day at Bank Millennium – another busy day like every day


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December 10 dozens of robots, bots and voicebots working at Bank Millennium are celebrating their holiday today. Bots talk to clients, and #MilleRoboty that have shouldered over a dozen processes have already completed more than 900,000 different types of cases. Robotic employees, often workaholics, verify data in external databases, register complaints, send texts, and have recently been automating operational processes such as posting on accounts or sending transfer confirmations.

They celebrate and work

Despite the holiday, #MilleRoboty, and at the same time effective and friendly colleagues, support work in dozens of different processes carried out by various business areas, and the potential for their use is constantly growing. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) robots automate not only existing processes, but also those for which the demand arises ad hoc in specific organisational and business situations. Their activities are about ensuring that the implemented solutions support and relieve employees in the performance of repetitive, technical activities as much as possible, leaving space for tasks that require decisions and expert knowledge.

- For some time we have been working on making our robots not only "click", but able to read and verify data or information on various types of documents. We use an OCR (optical character recognition) tool for this. We have already implemented the first projects, extending the functionality with text recognition and analysis modules. The results for machine written documents are very satisfactory, so we will devote the coming months to the implementation of further solutions of this type – said Witek Kochman, Head of the Intelligent Automation Implementation Team at Bank Millennium.

Milla will help, make a transfer and top up the phone

A bot warmly received by users is the Milla chatbot supporting customers in using banking services in the mobile application. Milla not only answers questions about upcoming payments or account balance, but is a transaction bot, so it can order a transfer or top up the pre-paid phone at the customer's command. Constantly improved, equipped with improved speech recognition and intention understanding modules, it interprets customer questions better and better, although not the private ones. Is Milla a woman? - all the accompanying processes are wondering, but there are still no answers.

- For us, Milla is just the beginning. We know how important it is to use artificial intelligence in the technological development of banking and we want to use this potential. Many customers choose chat to communicate with the bank and we clearly see a role for the bot, which can significantly relieve the bank's employees handling the most popular queries. Milla also supports voice commands, but our goal is to achieve the standards set by market-leading assistants, such as Siri or Alexa – informs Halina Karpińska, Director of the Electronic Banking Department at Bank Millennium. - We want to support clients in financial management at many levels and in all remote channels. In our research, we observe that, especially for generation Z, the bot is becoming the basic interface for interacting with the bank.

Telemarketing VoiceBot takes its first steps

VoiceBots in telemarketing have just finished a year and are successfully testing various ideas. Their goal is to reach customers who have started cooperation with the bank by opening an instalment loan. The bot informs them about the benefits of deepening their relationship with Millennium and encourages them to use other products. As internal analyses show, customers supported by a bot, compared to those who only receive texts, more often decide to get another product. #MilleVoiceBot processing thousands of contacts in accordance with a given strategy, saves time for a dozen or so people, additionally speaking in a male voice, loves his job and does not like to go on breaks

What customers say

The effect of the work of bots that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, performing their tasks conscientiously, repetitively and without failures, is felt primarily by customers – they receive credit decisions and other necessary information even faster. Bank customers most often ask Milla about the transaction history or the execution of the transfer ordered. If they successfully use a given service once, they are happy to return to it, which is most clearly seen in the 18-25 age group.

We wish all bots on the day of their holiday further successes and thousands of matters dealt with!