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Bank Millennium supports Polish companies


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Bank Millennium continues its policy of supporting Polish companies. 2023 is another year in which the bank will continue to be strongly involved in the process of supporting the development of companies - both from the SME sector and large entities. The Bank implements i.a. guarantee programmes for companies in cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), provides support in the field of financing, also with the participation of aid funds and in the implementation of green projects.

- The coming years will be a time of many changes and new challenges for entrepreneurs, especially due to the need for green transformation. The requirements of regulators mean that the stream of bank financing will be quite intensively redirected towards pro-environmental projects and companies. Therefore, companies will need a holistic approach to meet the new requirements of the business and legal environment – in terms of sustainable development, implementation of green investments and energy transformation. That is why we offer entrepreneurs active support in the implementation of projects involving public financing, so that they can optimally use opportunities for faster and sustainable development - says Małgorzata Olejarz, Head of the Products and Credit Process Team in the Corporate Banking Marketing Department.

- In the following months, it will be crucial to obtain aid funds and support in navigating EU programmes. This is related, i.a. to FENG, i.e. the European Funds for a Modern Economy Programme, which is one of 9 national programs in the new EU financial perspective 2021-2027, which Polish entrepreneurs will be able to use and under which the new Biznesmax guarantee programme will be implemented from 2024. FENG is a continuation of two previous programs: Innovative Economy 2007-2013 and Smart Growth 2014-2020 – adds Iwona Kęsik, Expert in the above-mentioned Products and Credit Process Team.

In 2023, Bank Millennium continues cooperation with BGK in the field of programmes for companies from the SME sector: de minimis guarantees or Biznesmax guarantees, and for large companies: crisis guarantees for loans and factoring. Special programme conditions favourable to Clients - introduced during the COVID19 pandemic and in connection with the outbreak of war in Ukraine - will continue to apply until 31. December 2023. For the de minimis guarantee scheme, until mid-2023. The entire process of granting BGK guarantees takes place at Bank Millennium, and the circulation of documentation is entirely digital for the convenience of the company.

Special attention of companies is well-deserved by the Biznesmax guarantee programme, the terms of which are even more attractive this year. Biznesmax is a free guarantee programme for SMEs, currently implemented as part of the Guarantee Fund to support innovative enterprises of the Smart Growth Operational Programme (FG POIR). The programme is intended for innovative, ecologically efficient companies and those planning to increase the potential of innovation / ecology in the SME sector. It has a nationwide range. It allows you to reduce the cost of financing. A company does not pay BGK commission for granting the guarantee and has the option of obtaining a refund of part of the interest paid on the loan. In 2023 surcharge rate increased and can also be applied to loans granted in 2022-2023. The company can apply for subsidies until 2027.

The Biznesmax guarantee programme supports investment projects, including pro-ecological innovations (e.g. RES, energy efficiency, electromobility) and covers a wide range of costs financed with an investment loan: investment costs, accompanying investments, costs related to ongoing investment service, VAT. In the case of an ecological investment, it may also be implemented for a third party (excluding projects that have already received EU support in this respect).

It is a supplement to grant financing – companies can finance costs that cannot be funded with subsidies, e.g. when the client uses a loan for technological innovations, costs that have not been covered by this loan can be financed under a loan with a Biznesmax guarantee.

Biznesmax guarantee terms and conditions valid until December 31, 2023:

  • coverage of guarantee: up to 80% of the loan principal,
  • maximum amount of guarantee: 2.5 mln EUR (PLN equivalent),
  • guarantee period - up to 20 years,
  • objective: securing the repayment of a loan for the implementation of an investment project or a loan intended for financing current operations.

The possibility of covering with the guarantee the so-called "liquidity loan", e.g. a revolving overdraft facility to ensure financial liquidity for innovative and environmentally efficient companies. Liquidity loans - introduced in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic and war in Ukraine - do not have to be related to the investment being implemented or completed and in the case of revolving loans, Biznesmax guarantee will be disbursed on simpler terms, without submitting financial and accounting documents to the bank.

In the case of a guarantee constituting de minimis aid, there is no catalogue of eligible investment costs and the obligation for the borrower to submit an investment project plan – the loan is granted on the basis of the Bank Millennium procedure and used in accordance with the purpose of financing specified in the loan agreement.

Type of aid under which the Biznesmax guarantee is granted: de minimis aid or regional investment aid.

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