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Bank Millennium patron of the exhibition of photographs of Polish photographers "Solidarity"


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“Solidarity" is a collective photographic project to which artists representing different cities and different approaches to photography have been invited. The idea is to present to the widest possible audience an open-air exhibition that will travel through subsequent places in Poland. The layout and character of the exhibition consisting of fifty photographs exposes a certain universality of the phenomenon of "being a refugee", an “escapee" from a country affected by conflict and war. The patron of the exhibition showing the drama of refugees from war-torn Ukraine and the extraordinary solidarity of Poles is Bank Millennium.

The ceremonial opening of the first exhibition "Solidarity" in the Oliwa City Hall of Culture will take place on September 4 at 13.00. The exhibition will be presented on the fence of the Oliwa Park in Gdańsk Oliwa until 3 October. Next exhibitions in Warsaw and Chełm.

- The war in Ukraine, which has been going on for over half a year, is primarily a human drama. We cannot be indifferent to the needs of people from Ukraine seeking shelter and a safe haven in Poland. As a bank and a community of employees since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we have been actively involved in helping, and now we support the event documenting this amazing "festival of goodness" of Poles. Since the outbreak of the war, the extraordinary solidarity of the Polish nation with the Ukrainians has manifested itself in every situation, in every place and flowed from almost every side. Everyone helped and this is what we will see in the presented photos – said Iwona Jarzębska, director of the PR Department.

The curator of the exhibition is Dr. Anna Wolska, lecturer at the Warsaw Film School and the Faculty of Media Art of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Photographers-artists participating in the event are Michał Adamski, Agata Kaputa, Ryszard Karczmarski, Agata Kubis, Anna Liminowicz, Maciej Nabrdalik, Jacek Sadowski, Tomek Sikora, Adam Tuchliński, Przemysław Wierzchowski, Beata Zawrzel.

- The Solidarity exhibition carries with it a universal message which are: kindness, help and solidarity, but also what is the crisis of loneliness, fear, sadness and drama associated with abandoning one's current place of residence, leaving families, friends, loved ones. Since I am aware that this subject is extremely broad, the layout and character of the exhibition consisting of fifty photographs exposes a certain vision and universality of the meaning of the phenomenon of being a refugee, a refugee from a country affected by conflict and war. I recommend it to your attention – said Dr. Anna Wolska, curator of the exhibition.

For 30 years now Bank Millennium has been supporting national and local cultural events. It is a sponsor of culture 360°, because it promotes art in almost all its forms, including: film, music, painting, sculpture, theatre, photography, literature and performance. The Bank provides its support to both niche and popular culture. Focusing on on long-term cooperation based on the principles of partnership, we have been, for 17 years, supporting the Poland's biggest film festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity. For 17 years we have been sponsoring the Golden Sceptre award for eminent culture creators. For more than decade we have been sponsoring the “Pearls of Millennium” - a project, which aimed to produce, promote and present high culture artistic events. The cooperation between Bank Millennium and the organisers of Złota Tarka - one of the most important jazz festivals in Poland - has been going on for more than twenty years. Bank Millennium support covered cultural initiatives such as Gdańsk Music Festival, Festival „Two Theatres”, Mozart festival in Warsaw Chamber Opera, Bella Skyway Festival or Sacrum Profanum Festival.