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Prestige Euro Stoxx 50 Deposit


Bank Millennium PRESTIGE - BIG Bank GDAŃSKI SA private banking line extended its offer to include PRESTIGE EURO STOXX 50"term deposits.
The deposit combines deposit and investment function with anti-tax protection for some of interest paid out.  The investment part is based on the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 index.  The subscription will continue until 28.02.2002
The deposit amount is divided into two parts: investment and deposit with a discount.
  • the investment part (50% of the principal) - is indexed based on Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 index changes.
    • the term of the deposit is 3 years, i.e. from 28.02.2002 to 28.02.2005.
  • a deposit part (50% of the principal) - is invested in a deposit with a discount
    • the term of the deposit is 1 year, i.e. from 28.02.2002 to 28.02.2003
    • interest rate - 10.50% p.a.,
    • interest is tax free.
The minimum deposit principal is 10 thousand zlotys.
The DJ EURO STOXX 50 index includes stock of fifty leading European companies, such as Nokia, Royal Dutch, Siemens, DeutcheTelekom from many different rapidly developing sectors, with capitalization in excess of 1.5 trillion euro.  The expected rapid development of the leading European companies will be reflected in the index value, which may in the future mean a high rate of return on the PRESTIGE EURO STOXX 50 TERM DEPOSIT.
During the subscription period money committed for the Prestige Euro Stoxx 50 Term Deposit may be effectively managed, for instance by placing it on a "bridge deposit" bearing interest at 10% p.a.
The key advantages of such deposits for clients are:
  • anti-tax nature of the deposit part
  • the highest in the market interest rate on the deposit part, characteristic for deposits with a discount
  • the possibility of disposing of interest on the date of entering into the agreement and reinvesting it, which significantly increases the rate of return
  • the possibility of generating unlimited returns on the investment part
  • making interest contingent on the development of the leading European companies
  • the guarantee of principal disbursement