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Millekredyt DOM promotion


Millennium BIG Bank GDAŃSKI SA launched a promotional campaign of MilleKredyt DOM housing loans. For the duration of the promotion the Bank reduced its commissions on granting a loan. Clients who during the campaign make a loan simulation and then within five days submit a complete loan application will pay a commission of only 0.5% of the loan principal.
Clients who during the campaign decide to take a loan from the Bank may benefit from an attractive price promotion.  Every client who makes a loan simulation gets a certificate issued in his or her name of being eligible for the promotion.  If within five days of the simulation and certificate receipt, the client submits a complete loan application, the commission will be only 0.5% of the loan principal.  If the application is submitted within ten days, the commission will be 1% of the loan principal.  The standard commission charged by the Bank is 1.5%.  The campaign is advertising the attractive interest rates on the loans, with special emphasis on the option of choosing a fixed interest rate which for loans in euro is 4.99%.
Clients who would like to get more detailed information about housing loans or getting an analysis of their financial situation before making a decision on taking a loan will soon be able to talk to an expert at the Bank Head Office via a computer at all Millennium branches.  The advisory system Millennium Experts is based on an interactive videoconference technology, enabling having a conversion in real time, so a client not only talks to and sees a bank representative, but can also be seen.  An expert at the Bank Head Office will give advice and select a housing loan to be offered depending on the individual needs and capabilities of the client, will present a loan repayment simulation, help in completing an application form or if a client makes a decision, will initiate the process of applying for a loan.  The advisory system is already operational at some of the Warsaw branches, and as of May it will be available throughout the entire network.
The Bank will continue a housing loan promotional campaign until mid April.  The campaign includes TV commercials, ads in national and regional press, and in weeklies.  An additional medium used are ATMs of the nationwide Euronet network, there is a screen in ATMs inviting clients to Bank branches in order to have a credit simulation prepared and benefit from promotional prices.  Letters with information about housing loans and the pending promotion have been sent to a selected group of clients.
MilleKredyt DOM is a package of housing loans, the eventual security for which is a mortgage.
Loans are granted for: a purchase of a real property in the primary or secondary market, the construction by a cooperative or a developer, the purchase of a real property under construction, individual house construction or completion of house construction, modernization, extension or refurbishment of a house or an apartment.
Loans are offered in zlotys, US Dollars, euros, and Swiss francs and are available from the Millennium network and BIG Bank GDAŃSKI branches.
The Bank offers borrowers favourable conditions: a long term of financing (up to 30 years), low interest rates, low down payment required - 20% or 10%, no fees for application consideration and the possibility of changing loan currency.
Loans bear interest at a variable interest rate based on: WIBOR 3M - for zloty loans, LIBOR 6M for US$ - for US$ loans, LIBOR 6M for CHF - for loans in Swiss francs, EURIBOR 6M - for loans in euro and based on a reference rate increased by a bank margin.  A loan interest rate depends on the client's down payment.  The Bank offers the option of a fixed interest rate for the first 12 months.