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14 mln PLN refund for shopping to goodie users in 2022


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Goodie platform from Bank Millennium in 2022 registered record breaking results. Users executed more than 5 million transactions with goodie cash back. Thereby, they received as much as 14 mln PLN refund for their shopping.

- In recent months prices in Poland have been growing at the pace faster than in previous years. The word 'inflation' stays with us every day, it was even named an economic word of the year 2022*. Hence, we are looking for solutions to help us limit our spending and pay less for our shopping. Active use of the goodie platform is a natural effect of these actions. Goodie provides users with not only an easy and fast way to find the best offers in the shops they like but also provide the opportunity to get a refund for part of shopping they completed. We, on our part, take good care to make sure that the list of offers available in goodie is updated and expanded on current basis, we develop the cashback service capacity and introduce additional functionalities. All this in order to make use of goodie as intuitive and as beneficial for clients as possible. Doubtlessly, implementation of the service "Refund for Shopping" directly in our on-line and mobile banking of Bank Millennium has been a success. This way, with goodie one can directly use bank app and Millenet and this solution enjoys high level of interest among the bank clients – said Katarzyna Tomaszewska, the Head of the Marketing Communication and PR Team in Millennium Goodie.

In 2022 Goodie application noted a record-breaking interest of users in online shopping and goodie cashback programme. Besides material growth of the number and value of transactions executed via the platform, the number of goodie users also increased. Other app functionalities such as leaflets and gift cards also enjoy growing popularity.

Since the beginning of the goodie cashback service, users have made purchases through it in the amount of over 1,7 bn PLN, obtaining almost 37 mln PLN of accrued cashback.

goodie is a free-of-charge mobile app and website otwiera się w nowym oknie It combines the shopping refund function with convenient guide through promotional offers of traditional and on-line shops. It allows you to browse leaflets with offers of the most popular shops and discount stores and create your own shopping lists. Goodie aggregates discount coupons and as part of the cashback program it provides a refund of part of the money spent on shopping in nearly 800 online stores.

Goodie platform is updated and developed introducing new functionalities on the current basis. In 2022 the cashback service was expanded by adding, inter alia, Super Offers functionality in which goodie can provide users with temporarily high cashback, even up to 30 per cent, in specified brands. In addition, Bank Millennium clients, who use the "Refund for Shopping" service for the first time, will receive, under promotion, 20 PLN to start with. The Regulations of the Platform are available at the following link: otwiera się w nowym oknie

* Source: study by the Polish Economic Institute on the basis of economic publications by banks