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Millekredyt DOM in CHF


Warsaw, 8 April 2002 - Millennium BIG Bank Gdański S.A. launched housing loans denominated in Swiss francs. In addition, the existing loan offer as regards loans for repayment of other housing loans has been extended to include a loan for the repayment of another housing loan with an option of paying expenses related to incurring the loan from the loan.
Loans denominated in Swiss francs bear one of the lowest interest rates in the market.  Such interest rate, as in the case of other housing loans offered by Millennium, depends on the borrower's down payment; when a down payment is over 50%, the interest rate is 3.83%, when a down payment is from 30% to 50%, the interest is 4.33%, and in the case of a down payment below 30%, it is 4.83%.
A new version of a loan for the repayment of another housing loan provides for the option of paying with the loan for expenses incurred in connection with granting the loan, in particular, such as: a loan prepayment fee at another bank, a commission on granting a new loan at the bank, appraisal/investment control (ordered by the Bank) fees, expenditures in connection with establishing collaterals (including, among other things, a stamp duty on drawing a blank promissory note, a tax on civil law transactions and a court fee in connection with establishing a mortgage).
Until the end of April a housing loan offer advertising campaign will continue.  For the duration of the promotion the Bank reduced its commissions on granting a loan.  Clients who during the campaign make a loan simulation and then within five days submit a complete loan application will pay a commission of only 0.5% of the loan principal.  If the application is submitted within ten days, the commission will be 1% of the loan principal.  The standard commission charged by the Bank is 1.5%.
MilleKredyt DOM is a package of housing loans, the eventual security for which is a mortgage.
Loans are granted for: a purchase of a real property in the primary or secondary market, the construction by a cooperative or a developer, the purchase of a real property under construction, individual house construction or completion of house construction, modernization, extension or refurbishment of a house or an apartment.
Loans are offered in zlotys, US Dollars, euros, and Swiss francs and are available from the Millennium network and BIG Bank GDAŃSKI branches.
The Bank offers borrowers favourable conditions: a long term of financing (up to 30 years), low interest rates, low down payment requirement - 20% or 10%, no fees for application consideration and the possibility of changing loan currency.
Loans bear interest at a variable interest rate based on: WIBOR 3M - for zloty loans, LIBOR 6M for US$ - for US$ loans, LIBOR 6M for CHF - for loans in Swiss francs, EURIBOR 6M - for loans in euro and based on a reference rate increased by a bank margin.  A loan interest rate depends on the client's down payment.  The Bank offers the option of a fixed interest rate for the first 12 months.