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Subscription for a Millokata Inwestycyjna term deposit


Millennium BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A. on 2 September 2002 opened a subscription for a Millokata Inwestycyjna term deposit - an innovative term deposit combining the possibility of generating high profits linked to a capital market (S&P 500 index) and guaranteed interest rate characteristic for bank deposits.
The subscription continued from 2 to 20 September 2002, and the term deposit is placed for a term of 2 years from 23 September 2002 to 20 September 2004.
The interest rate of the deposit consists of two elements: guaranteed interest rate of 8% for the entire term (2 years) and an additional return based on a share in an increase in the value of the S&P 500 stock exchange index.  A client benefits from an increase in the index, but bears no risk in the case the index falls down and gets the guaranteed interest.  S&P 500 stock exchange index includes quotations of the largest US companies, such as American Express, Coca Cola, Microsoft, General Motors, Bank of New York, McDonald's.
Clients may withdraw money earlier.  If the money is withdrawn after six months from the date of deposit placement, the client gets 100% of the principal plus interest for the subscription period.  If the deposit is terminated within the first six months of its term, the client gets 95% of the principal plus interest accrued over the subscription period.  The minimum deposit is PLN 3,000.
Deposits are offered to retail clients of Millennium and Millennium Biznes and are available over the subscription period at Millennium BIG Bank GDAŃSKI S.A branches.