About the report

„Millennials in the World of Finance and New Technologies Compared to Generation X and Z” is the first report in Poland with such a comprehensive account of the financial habits of generations X, Y and Z.

The generation about which many stereotypes arose increasingly shows diversity, thus falsifying many myths. How does this now impact their financial routines and consumer behaviour? Is the way they use banking significantly different from their parents’ preferences in this regard? These and other questions could not be left unanswered at a time when Millennials are becoming the most numerous consumer cohort in the market.

Millennials: Portrait of a generation

  • I opened my first account when I started working
  • I contact my bank most often through the Internet
  • In traditional shopping I mostly pay by card or cash
  • I recommend my bank to my friends
  • I save my money first of all for my travels
  • I feel safe on the Internet, but I am not completely sure that my data are safe on the net
  • Among new payment technologies known to me I prefer BLIK the most
  • In 5 years’ time I would be happy to make contactless card payments
  • Even if I do not have much money, I want to be treated as someone special

Content of the report


Millennials are without a doubt beneficiaries of new technologies, which give them freedom, anonymity, but also ease of access to their money. However, as demonstrated by the report "Millennials in the World of Finance and New Technologies Compared to Generation X and Z", as regards payment innovations, they learn them slowly and slowly take to them.

New technologies

Millennials are tolerant, open-minded and receptive to technological innovations. In their day-to-day banking they may use digitalisation achievements, but they prefer to go to a branch in order to open a deposit or take out a loan. After all think that this is the safest form of contact with the bank.

Network security

Poles aged 16-40 learn about Internet threats mainly from online media (75%) and traditional media (59%). A bank is a source of information for 36% of the respondents, mainly for people aged 25-40 years (43% use the knowledge provided by the bank). 9 out of 10 respondents protect their computer using an antivirus program, while only 36 of the respondents use the same programme on their mobile phone. In addition, 1 in 5 young Poles does not apply on the mobile phone any protection of the data and information from other persons.

Millennium generation in the world of finance and new technologies