External communication

To reach current and potential Shareholders the Bank uses various communication channels, such as:

  • regular conferences with participation of the Management Board about quarterly results of the Bank's capital group (broadcasted online and by phone)
  • video chat - addressed mainly to individual investors
  • participation in conferences and roadshows organised for investors in Poland and abroad
  • individual and group meeting with capital market participants
  • current stock market announcements and press releases
  • a website in the Bank's portal, which is dedicated to investor relations
  • encouraging participation in the annual Shareholders' Meeting (also broadcasted online)
  • current contacts with market participants (via e-mail or phone)

Bank Millennium Investor Relations

Analyses and rating

An important channel of information for investors are analytical reports about Bank Millennium prepared by specialised teams from brokerage houses.

Moreover the Bank continues to cooperate with rating agencies, which present their opinions for purposes of the Bank equity and debt instrument investors.

Responsible investing

Promotion of the principles of responsible investing

Bank Millennium has been participating in the works of the Task Force for Responsible Capital Investments organised within the Corporate Social Responsibility Team, which was set up by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers in 2009.

The main objective of the Task Force is to develop a joint position and recommendations for the financial market players as regards the most effective implementation of the SRI concept (Socially Responsible Investment) in Poland. The Task Force is composed of both representatives of the financial market, listed companies, regulators, state administration, industry organisations and independent experts.

In 2012, one of the outcomes of the endeavours of the Task Force was development of Responsible investing guidelines for the investors (English version: page 8-18) - practical guide for companies about how and why to incorporate SRI into the corporate investment policies.

More information: "Corporate Responsibility" report