Bank Millennium reduced its own greenhouse gas emissions by over 50% in 2022


For Bank Millennium, 2022 was a period of implementation of important tasks embodying the idea of sustainable development. The Bank continued its current path of involvement in socially responsible projects and made further important steps as a socially responsible organisation..

We consider our key measurable success in cutting-down on resource consumption to be the more than 50% reduction of our own greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2020 as the base year. This ambitious goal has been declared in both the Business Strategy "People inspire us" and the ESG Strategy for 2022 – 2024. Finally, our goal was achieved, and the end result is a reduction of as much as 59.7% compared to the base year, not only thanks to more efficient resource management, but also through the purchase of electricity 100% from renewable sources.>

As regards other selected activities, the Bank:

- in response to the dynamic trend taking into account ESG factors when making investment decisions, expanded its product offer to include investment funds promoting ESG aspects;

- continued its educational activities. Among others, the Bank Millennium Foundation launched a special edition of the #słuchaMYwspieraMY grant programme for Ukrainian citizens, under which over 8,000 Ukrainian citizens received assistance. In addition, it has implemented many facilitations for Ukrainian citizens in the field of financial services;

- conducted adult education in the field of finance, cybersecurity and environmental issues, and through its proprietary financial education programme for children called "Financial ABCs" it reached over 10,000 preschool children. As part of the programme, it organised workshops, created educational materials and passed on financial knowledge to the youngest, their parents and kindergarten teachers.

The recently published Non-Financial Report gives a comprehensive insight into the activities of Bank Millennium Group in the ESG area. It was prepared based on the international reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. It will soon be released online. The Bank has been publishing ESG reports since 2006, each time describing objectives and activities related to environmental issues (reduction of CO2 emissions and resource use, sustainable products, environmental education), social (relations with employees, local communities, innovative services, responsible sales, banking without barriers, pro-social activities) and in the field of corporate governance (ethical standards, risk management and internal control system). The document presents the Bank's aspirations and current activities having a positive impact on the environment broadly understood.

- This year's ESG Report, similarly as in previous years, was largely based on the results of Bank Millennium's stakeholder survey. Stakeholders are representatives of key groups forming our environment – primarily customers and business partners, but also employees. Knowing their needs and opinions is extremely important to us. It allows you to prepare interesting material, which from the point of view of its recipients can be very useful - said Magdalena Trzynadlowska, Director of the Sustainability Office at Bank Millennium.

- This approach assumes that ESG reporting is not only to fulfil the obligations provided for by relevant laws, but also to perform an educational function and support confidence in the Bank as a socially responsible institution, committed to the idea of sustainable business.

- Our goal was to accurately and transparently describe the most important issues and activities undertaken by the Bank Millennium Group in the area of ESG as well as future goals and commitments, together with information about ways to achieve them. We wanted the presented content to be understandable and the data to show measurable effects of achieving individual goals (changes in indicators over time, e.g. year-on-year) - Magdalena Trzynadlowska added.

In 2022, the Bank adopted the ESG Strategy for 2022-2024, which is an integral part of the Bank's business strategy "People inspire us". Treating sustainable development as a long-term phenomenon, the Bank also planned in it many medium- and long-term activities. Among other things, by 2027 we have committed ourselves to achieving climate neutrality in the area of direct and indirect emissions (scope 1 and 2) and, ultimately, by 2050, net-zero emissions in all three scopes.

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