Bank Millennium in the WIG-ESG index of socially responsible companies


Bank Millennium has been included in the WIG-ESG index on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Earlier, from 2010 to 2019, the Bank was listed in the Respect Index.

WIG-ESG is published on the basis of value of a portfolio of shares of companies deemed to be socially responsible i.e. such, which comply with principles of corporate social responsibility, especially as regards environmental, social, economic and corporate governance matters.

WIG-ESG is an income-based index, which means that its calculation takes into account the prices of transactions concluded in it as well as dividend income. The index is created by giving companies additional weight (to the value of free float) – ESG evaluation (provided by the global Sustainalytics company) as well as evaluation of corporate governance (made by GPW). In ESG rating Bank Millennium was among top 12 companies.

CSR activities have been supporting attainment of Bank Millennium’s business objectives for a long time and are appreciated by the market. In 2010-2019 the Bank was included in GPW’s index of socially responsible companies – Respect Index; every year it is listed in the Top 10 of the Ranking of Socially Responsible Companies kept by Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (Responsible Business Forum) and is awarded the CSR Silver Leaf by Polityka weekly.

The Bank is also a signatory of two important international initiatives. The first of them is the Diversity Charter - a commitment signed by organisations, which strive to eliminate discrimination in the workplace and to act towards creating and promoting diversity. The second one is the business and government administration partnership for attaining Sustainable Development Goals, where the Bank made a commitment to undertake activities especially as regards financial education of children and the youth.