Care for the environment

Proecological activities towards sustainable development

Proecological approach

Activities towards sustainable development including protection of the natural environment are part of the business strategy of Bank Millennium Group and are consistent with the climate policy of main shareholder - Millennium bcp. Since 2010 Bank Millennium is included in Respect Index, currently WIG-ESG index, which comprises socially responsible companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange, which confirms that CSR objectives are implemented in the Group’s day-to-day activities. Since 2006 Bank Millennium Group has been annually publishing reports on the impact of its activity on sustainable development and the natural environment.


With a view to reducing CO2e emissions the Group continues to regularly monitor its environmental impact and launches actions to reduce it. Bank Millennium applies a sectoral criterion in credit policy, hence the Group’s exposure in financing the mining and power sector is marginal. On the level of Millennium bcp Group financing of the renewable energy sector is significant.


Aware of the direct and indirect environmental impact, Bank Millennium Group defines three priorities in its activity, which aim to minimise its environmental footprint:

Own environmental actions

Bank Millennium Group minimises its environmental impact by applying rational management of materials and waste, monitoring water, electricity and fuel consumption, introducing green solutions in operations and encouraging staff, customers and business partners to take part in ecological educational activities.

Environmentally-driven financial products and responsible financing

Bank Millennium Group supports attainment of environmental targets by offering profiled products in all business lines.

Bank Millennium Group does not extend financing to new:

  • coal mines,
  • projects in coal-based power generation, except new projects involved with pollutions reduction.

Financing in the energy sector is possible only when:

  • its purpose is involvement in non-carbon energy sources,
  • its purpose is energy transition to non-carbon sources.

At the same time Bank Millennium Group has for many years been supporting the financing of environmentally-friendly and energy efficient projects:

  • connected with the replacement of coal energy with low-emission sources of energy and modern energy infrastructure,
  • relating to renewable energy sources,
  • reducing pollutant emissions and supporting energy efficiency, especially in energyintensive and high-emission industries,
  • connected with low-emission cars.

The Bank’s Customers are obliged not to use credit funds in any way related to actions listed on the EBRD’s Environmental Exclusion List.


At the same time they are required to obtain and hold all necessary environmental permits in connection with their business activities, as well as to conduct their activities in compliance with environmental legislation and all relevant laws, standards and other regulatory requirements at national and local level for the protection of the environment, health and safety and the principles of social coexistence.

Ecological education

Employees, customers and partners receive communication which builds their ecological awareness. In justified cases, in contracts with product and goods suppliers, environmental clauses are used. The direction and ratios of eco-friendly activities are regularly verified, measured and reported in annual statements containing non-financial information of the Bank Millennium Group.


We are confident that the actions taken by the Bank Millennium Group will contribute to preserving the natural equilibrium and will enable present and future generations to live in a sustainable environment.