About the Foundation

Bank Millennium’s Foundation follows up on the Closer to Europe foundation set up in 1990 and Life Inspires Us foundation. In the first period i.e. 1990-2011, activity of the foundation was primarily involved with creating the principles of operation and an infrastructure for a modern financial market in Poland and also with supporting an international exchange of relevant experience.

In 2011 Bank Millennium as the Founder decided to expand the goals of the Foundation due to plans to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work and the desire to create a universal platform for social activity of Bank Millennium Group employees.

Key information

Name: Bank Millennium’s Foundation
Address: ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warszawa
KRS number: 0000097600
REGON number: 010528035
NIP number: 526-021-49-18
Bank account: 48 1160 2202 0000 0000 2983 0059

Mission, goals, scope of activity

  • Mission

    The Foundation’s mission is to support social activity to forward the building of a modern civil society.

  • Goals

    • Organising and funding of social programmes in science, education, health care, environment, culture, art, protection of cultural property, sports, active leisure, civic rights and freedoms, counteracting dysfunctions, entrepreneurship development especially the financial market, media and the information society, 
    • Supporting CSR and sustainable development activities of Bank Millennium Group, 
    • Organising and supporting charity work and employee volunteering, 
    • Creating opportunities for action and supporting activity of Bank Millennium Group employees as regards education, professional development, active forms of rest and relaxation and social activity, 
    • Cooperating with public benefit institutions, local authorities and communities, organisations representing professional groups, associations of artists, foundations and other non-governmental organisations for the purpose of implementing the Foundation’s programmes. 

    The Foundation pursues its goals by creating own programmes and also by stimulating, supporting and organising activities of individuals (including Bank Millennium Group employees) and institutions, which have goals convergent with those of the Foundation.

  • Scope of activity

    The Foundation operates in following areas:

    • Culture, art, protection of cultural property, 
    • Science and education, 
    • Health care, sports and active leisure, 
    • Environmental protection, 
    • Development of entrepreneurship, especially the financial market, 
    • Corporate social responsibility, sustainable development 
    • Civic rights and freedoms, 
    • Counteracting dysfunctions, 
    • Charity work, employee volunteering. 

Management Board and Supervisory Board of the Foundation

Supervisory Board

Chairman Joao Bras Jorge

Deputy Fernando Bicho

Secretary Andrzej Gliński


Maria Jose Campos
Wojciech Haase
Wojciech Rybak

Management Board

Chairman Iwona Jarzębska


Beata Krupińska
Paulina Wołosz-Sitarek


Bank Millennium's Foundation

Stanisława Żaryna 2A,
02-593 Warszawa