In case of card loss or theft you must immediately block it. Restrict your card online in Millenet or the mobile app.

In the Bank

Just call the special phone numer dedicated for blocking all the credit cards of Bank Millennium.
Restrict Cards
all Millennium cards 
(available 7/24)
(+48) 22 598 41 14
System of restrict Cards
all Millennium cards 
(available 7/24)
(+48) 828 828 828
Poland as well as abroad (your telecom operator's charges apply)
TeleMillennium - Individuals
(available 7/24)
801 331 331 - for fixed-line callers and mobile callers

+48 22 598 40 40 - for mobile or international calls

Safety rules

You can cancel the card at any time if you think that someone may use it without your knowledge.

You should report a stolen card immediately to the local police because in order to file an insurance claim you must present a copy of the police report to us.

You can also contact the nearest bank, which carries the appropriate card logo, to have the card cancelled.

Key safety rules

  • Please remember your PIN number. Do not write it on the card or anywhere else. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you give your PIN number to anyone. When keying-in the PIN number to confirm a transaction, shield the keypad of the terminal.
  • Reporting a lost or stolen card promptly will prevent losses, which may be caused by its use by unauthorised persons.
  • Write down the card number in a safe place, because it will be helpful when reporting the card loss or theft.
  • Protect the card from loss or damage. Do not give it to anyone else for use. Do not lose sight of the card when making a retail payment.
  • For your own safety do not keep the card together with the PIN number and do not write the PIN number on the card, so that no unauthorised person may use it.
  • You can be covered against unauthorised use of the card with the "Ochrona karty" (Card protection) insurance pack in the "Pakiet bezpieczeństwa" service.