• How may I see operations performed on my personal account?

    Millenet User may obtain information about the history of the operations performed at bookmark Current accounts > Account details. If the transactions are not visible, the Display filters option may come handy, when selecting time bracket and/or transfer amounts of interest to the User.

    By default system displays information about operations from last 30 days.

  • Where will I see orders placed with future date?

    User may see instructions placed with future date at bookmark Upcoming payments. In the above bookmark you may see information about the transfers placed with future date, Standing orders, Upcoming payments of credit card and credit instalments.

    As standard the system displays information about the upcoming payments for the next month (30 days). User may change the displayed period using Display filters option and selecting the required period.

    All the transfers with future date ordered by the User are also displayed at bookmark Transfers > Pending.

  • I made foreign transfer. However I cannot see it booked on my account. Where will I find information about it?

    Given the procedure for performing international transfers applied at the Bank, the transfer will be booked on Client's account and will be visible at bookmark Current accounts > Accounts list only after its actual execution by the Bank's International Operations Department (it usually takes place on the following business day until 13).

    Until Customer's instruction is executed it will be displayed at bookmark Transfers > Pending > Pending foreign transfers.

  • What is the purpose of "Direct debit" option?

    Direct debit service may be ordered at the Customer Service Point of the creditor, for whom the Client would like to set up such service. After filling out proper forms, the instruction will be sent from the creditor's company to the Bank and direct debit service for Client's account will be activated. For more information about direct debit see page Direct debit (in Polish language only).

    At Direct debit bookmark you will see all the Direct debit services defined for User's account.

  • How to see credit card operations?

    Millenet User, you have access to credit card transactions at bookmark Cards > Details. If the transactions are not visible you may use option Show filters, whereby User may select time bracket and/or transfer amounts of interest to the User.

    The above bookmark will display only the transactions booked on the card account. Transactions performed but not booked yet on the card account will be displayed under Authorised amount.

  • Where will I see transactions performed with supplementary card to my credit card?

    Millenet User has access to the transactions made with supplementary card at bookmark Cards > Details. After displaying detailed information on this card, the Supplementary cards field will display the name of the supplementary card and its link (pointer by the name). Upon clicking the link a screen with information about the supplementary card and transactions made with it will be displayed.

  • I am an attorney for the personal account/investment fund. Why can't I see it?

    Through the Internet banking system, Millenet User may view only these products, which he owns. MilleKod and access to Internet banking is assigned to specific owner/co-owner and each of these owners may check only the information regarding the products assigned to this person.

    In case you have power of attorney only for a given product, you cannot view it in the Millenet system.

  • We have a joint account. Why co-owner's card is not displayed?

    Through the Internet banking system, Millenet User may view only these products, which he owns. If account co-owner would like to have access to the Millenet service, he must visit a Branch and apply for issuance of additional MilleKod.

  • What does "blocked funds" term mean?

    The field Blocked funds reflects the value of authorised transactions, which have not debited Client's account - most frequently these are: payments with debit cards, withdrawals from external ATMs, international transfers and confirmed cheques. This field was introduced in order to facilitate Client's funds management.

    On Accounts/History and details page, upon selecting Blocked funds option you may receive information on what amounts add up to the blocked funds.

  • How to check whether transfer has been performed?

    Millenet User may check it at bookmark Current accounts > Account details for the account from which the operation was performed, if the transfer was defined with present data. If the transfer was defined with future date, it can be seen at bookmark Transfers > Pending.

    Remember that between approx. 21:30 - 04:00 Millenet is offline. During that time operations are not physically performed and they are only in queue in the banking system to be performed on the nearest business day by 12:00. Upon confirmation of the operation a proper message is displayed, which constitutes confirmation that given instructions have been accepted.

    Acceptance of instructions may be also checked by controlling the condition of utilisation of the daily transactions limit in the Profiles > Security settings option in the Daily Limit Usage position.

  • Where can I find amount of daily transaction limit that has been already used?

    User can find amount of Daily transaction limit that has been already used in bookmark Profiles > Security settings at the Daily Limit Usage position.

  • How to print transfer confirmation?

    In order to print transfer confirmation User should:

    • Enter Current accounts > Account details, next select account, from which he made the transfer.
    • In the account history find the transfers, for which you want to print confirmations (you may use Show filters option, whereby you may select proper time bracket and/or specific amounts of the transfers made).
    • Upon selecting specific transfer, detailed information on him and Back to list and Download confirmation options will be displayed.
    • Upon selecting the option Download confirmation, User may open document in PDF format or save it on the disk.
    • If the browser does not open automatically Acrobat Reader programme or does not recognise PDF format, then most probably this programme is not installed in the User's system - free version may be downloaded from the website of the programme manufacturer - Adobe company.

  • How to obtain access to my investment account?

    In order to activate view to securities on the Client's investment account through the Millenet system, a visit to the Bank's Branch and signing proper annex to the brokerage service agreement will be required. Upon signing proper annex, the access activation procedure, which may take a few business days, will start.