• Filing a claim

    Call the Insurer’s phone line dedicated to Customers of Bank Millennium 58 558 73 00.

    You may also file the claim:

    • By means of an individual account available after logging on to polisaonline.ergohestia.pl, or
    • Using the form on www.ergohestia.pl, or
    • Orally or in writing at a representative of the Insurer, or
    • In writing to: ul. Hestii 1, 81-731 Sopot.

  • Contact with the Insurer

    Sopockie Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń ERGO Hestia SA
    ul. Hestii 1
    81-731 Sopot

    Insurer’s call centre 58 558 73 00.

    In their offer prepared for Customers of Bank Millennium ERGO Hestia Group are presenting following motor insurance brands: You Can Drive, mtu24.pl, ERGO Hestia.

  • Withdrawal from/Termination of insurance agreement

    The insurance agreement may be withdrawn from within 30 days of its signing. However it must be remembered that even in case of effective withdrawal from the agreement the Policy Holder will be obliged to pay the cost of insurance for the period, in which insurance cover was provided.

    The Insured may submit a statement of withdrawal:

    1. By means of the individual account on: polisaonline.ergohestia.pl, or
    2. Using the form on: www.ergohestia.pl, or
    3. At a representative of the Insurer, or
    4. By calling 58 558 73 00, or
    5. In writing to the Insurer’s registered address.

    After this deadline the motor insurance agreement can be terminated only in specific cases e.g. when the vehicle gets de-registered, when its ownership changes, when the vehicle gets scrapped. 

    If the insurance agreement was terminated the premium for the unused period of insurance cover shall be returned. The unused period of insurance cover is counted from the next day after termination of the insurance agreement. The premium shall be returned directly by the Insurer. The premium shall be returned to the Policy Holder to an indicated account number.

    It must be remembered that in case of sale of the vehicle the third-party-only insurance is not always terminated. Upon purchase of the vehicle the buyer also acquires rights and obligations involved with possession of the vehicle – including third-party-only insurance. If the buyer does not terminate third-party-only insurance after buying the vehicle – he may continue with the incumbent policy until the end of its validity. It is important to note however that such a policy will not be extended for another year.