Standing orders

It is a convenient way to pay monthly bills in the same amounts.


Your rent, cable TV monthly fee, tuition fees - now the Bank will pay for these and other regular bills with money on your account.

Standing Orders are the most convenient way to pay regular bills in a fixed amount.
Your money will be transferred to the indicated account - on the dates and in the amounts you specify.

Standing Orders:

  • Convenient and time-saving,
  • The transfers will be made on time,
  • Easy and simple service.

How to set up a standing order?

To be able to place a standing order, you just need to have a PLN business account with Bank Millennium:

  • at a Bank branch,
  • via the Millenet online banking system,
  • by calling TeleMillennium.

Standing Orders - and forget about regular bills!

For more details, visit a Bank Millennium branch or call TeleMillennium 801 331 331, or the fixed-line number +48 22 598 40 40 (for international or mobile callers).

Direct debit

It is a convenient, fast and secure way to make recurrent payments (e.g. phone, electricity, gas bills), regardless of their frequency and amounts. With direct debit enabled, you do not have to remember to pay. Based on your consent the bills will be paid automatically from your accounts in Bank Millennium, in the amounts and on dates stated on the invoices.

Have the Bank pay your monthly bills for you. You will continue to receive the bill, but taking care of the payments themselves will now be the Bank's job. 
You just need to make sure there is enough money on your personal account.

Direct Debit is all about benefits:

  • time saving – you do not have to waste time to find the bill and order the transfer; initiating the transfer exactly on payment date is the duty of the service provider (payment beneficiary) while Bank Millennium will make the transfer,
  • convenience – you do not have to remember about payment dates and waste time to enter payment details, 
  • transaction punctuality – you can rest assured that the bill will be paid on time, without the risk of delay and being charged late payment interest,
  • no fees – activation and execution of a transfer in direct debit is completely free of charge,
  • full control and access to information – you remain with access to information about spending made. Apart from information in the monthly statement from Bank Millennium you will continue to receive invoices from the provider,
  • security – the Bank will execute only those transactions, which you have agreed to while setting up the direct debit. In case of doubts about a payment you can claim it back within 8 weeks. At any time you can also cancel direct debit settlements with the provider.

Activation and execution of the direct debit service is free of charge! 

You can activate direct debit in any Bank Millennium branch as well as at the Customer Service Desk of the service provider, which you want to pay to by direct debit. 

  • You can use a complete form, which you received from your provider, e.g. from the electricity company or mobile phone network. In this case you can either send it back to the provider or bring it to a Millennium branch. It is important to write the proper number of the account, which will be used to pay the bills and to sign the form with the same signature as the one in your Bank Millennium's file.
  • If you are yourself filling-in the direct debit form (available on our website and in our branches or received from your provider), part from the account number and appropriate signature it is extremely important to write the proper beneficiary's ID (usually the provider's NIP number put on the invoice) as well as payment identifier (if you do not find it on the invoice the best thing to do is to call the provider's Customer Service Desk to find out what number to write in the form).Direct debit is executed on the basis of the interbank agreement.

Check it out. It really makes sense!

Bill payments

It is an exceptionally simple way to pay all recurrent bills in varying amounts.

Bill Payments:

  • convenient and time-saving,
  • lower transfer fees
    • defining beneficiaries is free-of-charge and making the payments in ATMs or in the TeleMillennium automatic telephone service (IVR) costs no more that 50 groszy
  • minimum formalities
    • defining beneficiaries and making the payments is extremely simple,
  • availability
    • transfer money from your account to your beneficiary any time and anywhere.

Bill Payments - an alternative to traditional payments.

Defining the accounts of your beneficiaries, to which you will be easily making transfers in the multifunctional Millennium ATMs or in the TeleMillennium automatic telephone service, is very simple.

  • Come to a branch or call TeleMillennium 801 331 331,
  • define your beneficiary's account:
    • give the number of the account, to which you will be making the transfers,
    • give your beneficiary a simple name e.g. school, electricity ...
  • to make the payment go to your nearest Millennium ATM or call TeleMillennium (IVR),
  • select the option › Bill Payments,
  • select payment name,
  • state the payment amount and accept the transaction.

Internet payments

Thanks to the new service you can fast and easily pay for Internet shopping.
Internet Payments are just as secure as all other transfers in Millenet - they require confirmation with SMSp@sswords.


Electronic invoices

Bank Millennium has now launched the Electronic Invoices service. With this practical service invoices are sent directly to your account in the Millenet transaction system. You can pay your bills with a click from your account in the transaction system.