About the insurance

"Ochrona Karty" (Card protection) is an insurance pack, which is added free-of-charge to Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa. The pack comprises:

  • Unauthorised card use insurance

    If you lose your card or it gets stolen in Poland or abroad, then thanks to the insurance if your card account is debited by an unauthorised person during 72 hours before you report its loss/theft, then you will have a guarantee that the loss will be covered up to EUR 50. Debits in excess of EUR 50 made before loss of the card was reported, are covered by the Bank (under the Payment Services Act), which also assumes all liability for transactions made after the card was cancelled.

  • Insurance against robbery of cash withdrawn from an ATM or POS terminal

    Thanks to the insurance in case of theft of cash withdrawn from an ATM or POS terminal, within 12 hours or 24 hours in Poland or abroad the Insurer will cover the loss of the cash depending on card type up to the amount of PLN 1000, PLN 2000 or PLN 5000.

  • Purchased goods insurance

    If you pay for a selected product with your card in Poland or abroad, it will be covered with insurance in case of theft/loss or damage up to the 30th or 60th day from the date of making the purchase up to the amount of PLN 1000 or PLN 2000 depending on card segment.

  • Lowest price guarantee insurance

    The product, for which you pay with the card in Poland, will have cover guaranteeing its lowest price. If during 30 or 60 days from making the purchase you find a printed advertisement (in the press, advertising in a shop or catalogue) of an identical product for a lower price, the Insurer will cover the difference depending on card segment up to the amount of PLN 500 or PLN 1000.

  • Personal belongings insurance

    Thanks to the insurance in case of robbery or theft of personal belongings (wallet, purse, handbag, file, documents, payment cards), the Insurer will cover the loss up to the amount specified in the Insurance Terms & Conditions.

Insurance cover under the pack is provided by PZU S.A. and it starts upon activation of the card or of Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa of an existing card as well as in every subsequent calendar month, provided that in the preceding month the Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa fee was paid.

More information is available in the Insurance Terms & Conditions as well as Product Card.

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