About the insurance

Assistance Platinum and Concierge Platinum insurance is free of charge and is added automatically to Millennium Visa Platinum cards.

Home Assistance

Assistance Platinum provides access to specialised technical assistance when your electrical/electronic home appliances fail. You can also get specialised assistance when your house is flooded, a fire breaks out or another accident happens. Assistance Platinum insurance guarantees the assistance of such specialists as: electrician, plumber, electronics engineer, roofer, mason or HVAC systems technician. The Insurer arranges the assistance and covers the cost of services of specialists who come to you to provide their assistance, while you need to pay only for the necessary parts or accessories.

Additionally if in result of an accident or burglary damage is caused, which results in the need to guard the property, then the Insurer will arrange and pay for security guards during 48 hours. To get specialised technical assistance just call the Europ Assistance Alarm Centre: (22) 205 50 59.

Medical Assistance

In case of an accident the Insurer will arrange and pay for the home visit of a doctor, will arrange transport to and from a hospital, will deliver pharmaceuticals and rehabilitation equipment. Moreover Assistance Platinum will give you access to a free medical Call Centre, where you will get information about the location, phone numbers and working hours of drugstores, outpatient clinics and hospitals in Poland.

Concierge services

Upon your request the Europ Assistance Alarm Centre consultant will book a table in a specific restaurant, a conference room in a business centre or hotel, or will arrange a vacation anywhere in the world. Concierge Platinum services also include assistance in arranging minor home assistance services, buying and delivering flowers to an indicated address, buying tickets for sports and cultural events. Moreover if necessary the Insurer will rent and chauffeur-driven limousine or will arrange for your car to get washed, serviced or repaired.

Additional products

Millennium Visa Platinum

Millennium Visa Platinum will satisfy the needs of Customers who value luxury, comfort, high quality and unrestrained access to money in Poland and worldwide.