Keep important dates in mind...

set up a standing order for the rest. Plan your payments conveniently in the mobile app

About the service

Plan your payments! In the mobile app, you can manage standing orders. It is an ideal solution if you regularly make fixed payments to a given beneficiary, e.g. pay phone bills, pay off instalments or save regularly! Thanks to standing orders in our app:

  • pay your bills conveniently and on time
  • save time by not having to make payment arrangements every month
  • choose the date, amount and frequency of the transfer by yourself

How does it work?

From the menu select Standing order

From the menu on the left select: Payments > Transfers > Standing order.

Provide data

Complete the required fields for the transfer and set up transfer frequency according to your needs.

Confirm order with P@ssword 1

After confirmation, a new order will be created. You can edit or delete it at any time.