Transfer money in few words

Discover a new banking experience, meet Milla and check how our automatic assistant can help you in the mobile app

It's time to meet Milla

  • When you want to quickly make a transfer

    No need to enter any transfer details, simply specify the amount and the recipient or the amount and the number for top-up. Milla will quickly prepare a form with all the details. All you have to do is to confirm the transaction.

  • When you are checking transaction history

    Milla will help you find any transaction in the transaction history.

  • When you want to know when your money should arrive

    Waiting for money to arrive or sending money to somebody? Milla knows when funds reach the account.

  • When you are busy

    You can interact with Milla in writing or by speaking. To talk, just press the microphone in the conversation window and start talking. You can also tap any of available options.

You will find Milla in the app

You will find Milla in the app

Chat with Milla in Polish

  • Check expenses

  • Top up your phone

  • Transfer money

  • Top up prepaid card

  • When money should arrive

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Milla, the automatic assistant is here for you in the Bank Millennium mobile app versions from 4.30.637 (or higher) for Android. Simply download the newest version of the app and start using chatbot by tapping the conversation icon in the top right corner after logging in to the app. Once you tap the icon, you will see a welcome screen with some information about Milla. You can chat with Milla only in Polish, by saying commands or typing them in.

  • Milla, the automatic assistant is available only in Polish and can:

    • execute transfer (domestic, BLIK to mobile, between own accounts
    • show transaction history for cards and accounts
    • show upcoming payments list and planned transactions
    • top up your phone
    • top up prepaid card
    • display information about Elixir sessions, when money should arrive to you or anyone else's account
  • If you prefer to speak to Milla instead of typing in the commands, you can use voice commands. All you need to do to start speaking to Milla is to tap the microphone icon on the right whenever you want to say something to Milla. It works in the similar way to voice commands on social media platforms. Once you register your command, you will see it in writing in the chat window.

    Milla, the automatic assistant will answer your questions according to her knowledge. Please note that she is not a real human being but an automatic chatbot that is still learning and may not know the answers to all your questions. If she doesn't recognize your command, she will try to clarify it.

  • You can cancel any operation you are performing with Milla's assistance by saying or typing in the word "Stop".

  • Using the automatic assistant is as secure as using other services in the mobile app. Same limits and security certificates apply whatever operation Milla is helping you with. Each operation requires your authorization with Mobile Password excluding transfers to trusted recipients, which require only taping Confirm button.