Garmin Pay - your wrist wallet

Whatever the situation, pay quickly, conveniently and safely with Garmin watch

Garmin Pay for Visa and Mastercard card holders

Garmin Pay is a mobile payment service that you can make using your Garmin watch by adding a Bank Millennium payment card in the Garmin Connect app. Use Garmin Pay in every situation, go for a running workout or a walk and on the way buy a bottle of water, paying for it only with a watch:
  • you don't need to have a wallet or phone with you
  • it's simple and convenient
  • you can pay wherever contactless payments are accepted
  • the service works on devices with Android and iOS systems

Some examples of
Gramin watches with Garmin Pay

Seria Vivoactive 4/4S

It's the right watch for an active lifestyle - from sport to entertainment. With built-in sports applications, music, GPS and all-day health monitoring.

Więcej Seria Vivoactive 4/4S

Seria Vivomove Luxe/Style

It's an elegant look thar combines the style of an analog watch with hidden touch display, so you can monitor your active life. Has built-in sports applications with the function of measuring stress and heart rate.

template.externalLink.desc More Seria Vivomove Luxe/Style

Seria Fenix 6

These durable watches with GPS are perfect for high performance athletes. They enable use of maps, music, monitor the pace of training, as well as breathing and hydration.

template.externalLink.desc More Seria Fenix 6

Compare the models and select your own Garmin watch

It's so easy to add your card to Garmin Pay.

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    Connect your watch to the app

    In the app, expand the list of available watches, find your model and connect it to the app.

  3. 3

    Add a Visa card in the Garmin Connect app

    Create a 4-digit wallet password, enter your card details and accept the regulations. Then you will receive an SMS with the verification code, retype it and that's it!

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