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  • What are SMS P@sswords?

    SMS P@sswords are single-use codes texted (sent by SMS) to a mobile number. In Millenet SMS P@sswords are used for approving operations in the Internet banking system for individual and corporate Clients who have access to Millenet with a MilleKod login.

  • To activate an SMS P@ssword you should define at the Bank the mobile number to which single-use passwords will be sent in order to confirm operations in Millenet. Activation takes place in the process of setting up a bank account in the Bank branch.

    In Millenet after printing out a single-use P@sword 2 from a Bank Millennium ATM

    • Print out P@ssword 2 from a Bank Millennium ATM (you must have a debit or credit card)
    • After logging in to Millenet the system will ask you to enter the mobile phone number to which SMS P@sswords will be sent
    • After your number is approved, you will receive an SMS with the first SMS P@ssword, which will need to be entered in Millenet
    • At the end of the activation process the system will ask you to enter selected digits from P@ssword 2 printed out from the ATM

    Changing/unlocking a telephone number for SMS P@sswords is performed in the same way as activation. It is possible through TeleMillennium and Millenet only.

    You can block in Millenet the defined telephone number for SMS P@sswords.

  • Mobile Authorisation is an alternative way to confirm operations performed in Millenet. To use Mobile Authorisation you will need Bank Millennium mobile app in which operations will be confirmed.

    • In order to confirm an operation performed in Millenet, log in to the mobile app.
    • Once you log in, a screen will be automatically displayed showing operation details.
    • Select "Confirm" and you are all set! The operation is confirmed and you will see the confirmation screen both in the mobile app and Millenet.
  • You can activate Mobile Authorisation conveniently in the mobile app. Go to Settings, select Mobile Authorisation and follow the instructions.