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  • What are SMS Passwords?

    SMS Passwords are one-time codes sent via SMS to your cell phone. In Millenet, SMS Passwords are used to approve logging in and operations in the online banking system for individual and corporate customers who have access to Millenet via Millecode.

  • To activate SMS Passwords, you need to provide the bank with your cell phone number when you set up your account. To this cell phone number which you will receive one-time passwords. The passwords will be used to log in and confirm operations in Millenet.

    In Millenet, after printing a one-time Password 2 at a Bank Millennium ATM

    • Print Password 2 at an ATM of Bank Millennium (it is required to have a debit or credit card)
    • After logging in to Millenet, the system will ask you to provide a cell phone number to which SMS Passwords will be sent
    • After approving the number, you will receive an SMS with the first SMS Password to be entered in Millenet
    • At the end of the activation, the system will ask you to enter selected digits from the Password 2 printed at the ATM

    If you want to change or unlock the phone number for SMS Passwords, go to any Bank Millennium branch. If you want to disable SMS Passwords, you can do it through TeleMillennium or in Millenet.

    In Millenet you can also block a defined phone number for SMS Passwords.

  • Mobile Authorization is an alternative way of confirming logins and operations performed in Millenet. To use it, download and activate the Bank Millennium mobile application.

    • To confirm a login to Millenet or an operation performed in Millenet, log in to the mobile application.
    • After logging in, you will see a screen with details of the operation being performed.
    • Click "Approve" and it's done!