Apply for a nursery benefit in the mobile app or Millenet

You can find the application for a nursery benefit in MilleAdministration tab in the mobile app or Millenet

Nursery benefit

A nursery benefit is granted for a child who attends a nursery, children's club or is under the care of a child care provider. You will find the application for the benefit in the menu in MilleAdministration tab, both in Millenet and in the mobile app. You can submit it at the earliest on the day the child starts attending the institution or is under the care of the child care provider.

The benefit:

  • is a maximum of 400 PLN monthly per child, but not more than the amount of the monthly fee you pay for a nursery or child care provider
  • lowers the amount of the fee and is sent by ZUS to the account of the institution or child care provider
  • is not eligible for children who receive family care capital (RKO) for the same period

How to apply

  1. 1
    How to apply -

    Fill in the application

    You can find the form in MilleAdministration section in both Millenet and mobile app.

  2. 2
    How to apply -

    We send your application to ZUS

    Once we verify the application, we will send it over to ZUS.

  3. 3
    How to apply -

    ZUS verifies your application

    Now ZUS checks the data in your application.

  4. 4
    How to apply -

    You receive info about the benefit

    You will get an e-mail from ZUS to your email address specified in the application about granting the benefit.