Phone top-up olympic style

With Phone Top-up widget, one click is enough to keep all your conversations with friends going


Soon you will be logging in to the new Millenet and mobile application. Thanks to suggestions of our Clients and app users we have decided to improve the home page in Millenet and mobile app and implement some additional functions that can come in handy.


The new design allows you to quickly check the funds on your account and will encourage you to save. Soon you will be able to see here also your funds from accounts in other banks.


New tiles with products will make it easier for the user to get a grasp of all their products in Bank Millennium. On the back of each tile, most frequently performed actions will be available.


Thanks to the new menu layout, searching for any product or service in Bank Millennium will be even easier and more intuitive. Meet the new tabs: My finances, Payments, Offer and MilleOffice.

Making everyday banking easier

Own every parent-teacher meeting ever

With Collection widget, raising money for any school trip or gift for a teacher will earn you a Parent of the Year. Collection makes it easier to monitor payments from multiple recipients. All you need to do is set the amount, the end date for the collection and choose a deposit account. We've even prepared a message you can send to others to inform them about the collection. Remember to pass the collection title to others!

Transfer money in a flash

With Easy Payments widget you make transfers to selected trusted recipients with just one click, straight from the home page. Simply select the recipient, enter the amount, authorize the transfer and you are all set! Amount will be taken from your main account.

Become a dodging master

requirements for your account to be free of charge and don't pay the fees thanks to this Account For Free widget. It helps you fulfill both conditions every month for your account to be free of charge (external transfer to your account of min. 1000 PLN and 1 card or BLIK payment).

See your budget clearly

Now with Upcoming Payments widget you can conveniently monitor and plan your expenses with just one look at the widget, straight after login. The widget will show all your upcoming payments which you can easily modify anytime.

Top up your phone olympic style

Top-up Phone widget makes it even faster to, well, top up your phone for all your never ending conversations. Once you log in to your account, you will see the list of the people you top up phone most frequently. Select one person, enter amount, confirm and that's it!

See. Know. Benefit

Timeline offers you a chronological status of your present as well as past transactions and operations on your account. Here you will also see offers tailored to your needs and your banking style.

  • Motivates

    you to save money

  • Informs

    about deposit end date

  • Helps

    monitor your spending

  • Shows

    your incoming transfers