Maintain your current liquidity at expected levels by making use of solutions that match your company needs.

Releasing frozen assets

The sales department in your company pursue their objectives. What comes as a disadvantage, however, are receivables frozen in product and service invoices issued to your contractors and in receivable bills or export letters of credit that have not yet been settled. Assets may also be blocked when a company is involved in capital-intensive investments. We will assist you in releasing your assets and thus enable coverage of company standing costs or carrying out successive purchases, for instance.

Flexible solutions for cash flow management purposes

Are you planning purchases in the coming quarter and intend to take them into account in the structure of your company cash flows? Your company must not be burdened with excessive monthly payables, which is why you strive to determine a fixed amount that would allow your company to make payments on time. The solutions proposed by our experts will enable you to maintain liquidity at expected levels and precisely plan cash flows in your company.

Complementing short-term liquidity

Maintaining short-term liquidity at expected levels may be difficult to achieve. Unexpected or seasonal client payment gridlocks on the one hand, and standing costs such as employee salaries on the other, can turn even momentary liquidity shortcomings into difficulties for the whole company. In such circumstances we secure liquidity by providing you with additional funds. 

Right products to meet your needs

Non-recourse factoring

Taking over the risk of domestic counterparty payment default.

Current account overdraft facility

Adjust incomes on your account to have money to cover various payments connected with the day-to-day operation of your business.

Export letter of credit discount

Increase financial liquidity of your business, discounting receivables under the letter of credit.

Revolving credit

Get additional money to pay your suppliers even more efficiently and be prepared for unexpected business expenses.

Working capital loan

Get extra funding to cover liabilities resulting from financing working assets.

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