Export safely

We will provide you with timely payments for your deliveries

About export letter of credit

Do you ship your goods abroad? Are you afraid that your customers will not accept the delivery or refuse to pay? The letter of credit will ensure you receive your payment on time. All you need to do is present the delivery documents in accordance with the terms of the letter of credit.

  • Eliminate the risk of the importer withdrawing from the transaction or refusing to pay
  • Gain additional liquidity thanks to an earlier discount of a letter of credit with a deferred payment date
  • Conveniently manage your letters of credit through our online platform


  • Offer your contractor payment by letter of credit. Indicate us as your bank that will settle the transaction for you (our SIWFT code: BIGBPLPW). Your contractor's bank will contact us to complete the formalities.

  • The basic currencies are PLN, EUR, USD. However, we can also complete the transaction in other currencies as published in our exchange rate table.

  • It depends on your arrangements with the contractor and is specified in the letter of credit. These can be invoices, certificates, approvals, insurance or transport documents. You will deliver them to us and we will pass them on to your client's bank. After the bank positively verifies the documents, we will start the payment process.

  • We will pay you as soon as we receive the funds from your client's bank. This will happen on the date specified in the terms of the letter of credit. It can be:

    • on presentation (called "by payment" or "at sight"), i.e. usually 2-3 business days after the contractor's bank has accepted the delivery documents
    • deferred (called "by deferred payment"), i.e. within a specified period after the date of shipment of the goods or after the date of invoice