About the product

Apart from access to an expanded report module in the Millenet banking system you can use customised reports defined in accordance with your expectations which will be fully compatible with ERP systems used by your company. This solution will enable an automated transfer of data between company accounts and your accounting system.

The ERP reports obtained by you will allow you:

  • to cyclically settle a large number of payments from counterparties for your company's goods and services sold,
  • to obtain quick and current information about balances and turnover before they appear on the banking statement.


  • Elimination of technological barriers between the integrated banking system and your ERP/FK system.
  • Reduction of costs and outlays of the accounting department at your company.
  • It is you who decide about the format in which the report is to be supplied, the scope of data, frequency and periods of receiving reports.
  • The manner of recognising the payer and receivables defined by you, which allows you to reliably and without any mistakes identify data adjusted to the needs of your company.
  • Security of information exchange.

Channels of access to product information


Wherever you are, with internet access, you can check account balances and history on a 7/24 basis, also viewing information concerning other products i.e.: cards, loans, guarantees and letters of credit, standing orders or term deposits.

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