About the product

Domestic transfer will allow you to settle, cash-free, your liabilities, accept payments and send them to counterparties, ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) or Tax Office.

You will settle your domestic transfers:

  • Through ELIXIR (3 sessions a day) - transfers below PLN 1,000,000 and transfers to ZUS and Tax Office regardless of the amount.
  • Through SORBNET (in real time) – large amount transfers, but also low amount transfers declared to be settled in this system.
  • Through Express ELIXIR (fast transfers in real time) – transfers below PLN 100,000.
  • Internally ― transfers between accounts at Bank Millennium.


  • Pay your liabilities regardless of the amount.
  • Benefit from attractive time limits for accepting orders, e.g. a transfer submitted by 9:00 PM on a given business day will debit the account on the same day, fast transfers (Express ELIXIR) are available 24/7.
  • Receive transfer confirmations directly after transfer execution.
  • Make internal transfers online.
  • Submit a transfer order even in case of insufficient funds for its execution - the transaction will be executed as soon as there is a sufficient balance on the account ("liquidity mill functionality").
  • Benefit from flexible fees deduction - per transaction or in total amount at the end of the month.



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Wherever you are, with internet access, you can check account balances and history on a 7/24 basis, also viewing information concerning other products i.e.: cards, loans, guarantees and letters of credit, standing orders or term deposits.

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Questions and answers

  • 1. What transfers are settled by SORBNET and what by ELIXIR?

    Large value transfers (for more than PLN 1,000,000), as well as transfers for smaller amounts, on the Client's request, are settled through SORBNET. Transfers to the ZUS and Tax Office are always settled through ELIXIR, regardless of the amount.


  • 2. At what time are transactions from each ELIXIR session settled?

    Transactions from particular sessions are settled when relevant information is received from the National Clearing House (KIR) (i.e. after 11:00, 15:00 and after 17:30, respectively.

  • 3. What is the „liquidity mill" and what are its advantages?

    Thanks to the "liquidity mill" functionality the Bank accepts for execution domestic transfers despite lack of funds on the account. Transfers are imported before the account has enough balance  and executed once it has. As a rule, transfers await the correct balance until the end of the day (9:00 PM). However, the "liquidity mill" functionality can be adjusted to the Customer's needs (non-standard parametrisation) - it can be switched off or its duration can be extended while awaiting respective balance on account).


  • 4. Can instant fast transfers (Express ELIXIR) be sent to any bank in Poland?

    Fast transfers can be sent to those banks which signed an agreement with KIR (National Clearing House) and are participants of the Express ELIXIR system. The current register of system participants is available from the KIR website www.expresselixir.pl. Bank Millennium was the first bank in Poland to sign the Express ELIXIR participation agreement.