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The Bank offers a wide range of deposit instruments both in PLN and convertible currencies. You may open a term deposit through the Bank's employee (standard and negotiated deposits) or yourself – via Millenet online banking system. 

Terms of the deposits offered by Bank Millennium are flexibly adjusted to the individual needs of each company.

Standard term deposit or Millenet deposit may be renewable or non-renewable and is kept on the terms and conditions stipulated in the Pricelist for Customers of Corporate Banking. Negotiated term deposit is always a non-renewable deposit.

Within the term of the term deposit agreement, the interest rate of the deposit is fixed and it is linked, inter alia, to the amount, currency and duration of the agreement.


  • Simple and convenient form of opening the deposit – just telephone contact.
  • Potential for much higher interest rate for funds than on the settlement accounts  without additional costs and commissions.
  • Fixed interest rate within the term of the agreement.
  • In case of negotiated deposits – possibility to actively take part in setting  conditions of the agreement (interest rate and term of the deposit).
  • Certainty that in the entire term, for which the deposit was opened, profitability on the accumulated funds will be on the assumed level.
  • Security of the entrusted funds.

Channels of access to product information


Wherever you are, with internet access, you can check account balances and history on a 7/24 basis, also viewing information concerning other products i.e.: cards, loans, guarantees and letters of credit, standing orders or term deposits.

Corporate Branch

Get detailed information about Bank Millennium products by contacting Advisors in the Corporate Banking network.

Contact with Advisor

By phone

Our Consultants will provide you with detailed information and will carry out your instructions. 

801 31 31 31
line available for fixed-line and mobile calls

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Questions and answers

  • 1. What are the minimum amounts required for opening standard deposit and Millenet deposit?

    Both PLN and FX deposits are available upon payment of the minimum amount. Depending on the type of deposit, it is:

    • for standard deposit: 5000 PLN, 2000 USD or 2000 EUR,
    • for Millenet deposit: 5000 PLN, 200 USD or 200 EUR.

  • 2. What is the minimum amount required for opening negotiated deposit?

    Terms and conditions of the term deposit may be negotiated if Customer keeps at Bank Millennium deposits worth the equivalent of at least 25 000 PLN. This amount includes the amount of the deposit that is currently negotiated. 

  • 3. Do you need to have a settlement account at the Bank in order to use Bank Millennium's offer of term deposits?

    For the Customers who want to conclude exclusively transactions related to investing their surpluses, an offer of a free account for settlement of the deposits has been prepared. However, the Customers who already have a settlement account at the Bank or decide to open such an account, may – without any unnecessary formalities - open deposits under the Master Agreement on Bank Accounts and Services. They may also use the Millenet online banking system.

  • 4. How to conclude term deposit agreement?

    Customer may place instruction to conclude term deposit agreement:

    • Over the phone through a Consultant or personally through Relationship Manager (standard and negotiated deposits),
    • Via the Millenet online banking system (Millenet deposits),
    • Over the phone under TeleMillennium service (upon submission of the pre-agreed password).

  • 5. What are the conditions for earlier termination of the term deposit agreement?

    In case of termination of the agreement for (standard or negotiated) deposit before elapse of its contractual term, interest for the entire term of the deposit is set at 0,25 of the amount of the interest accrued as at the day preceding the day of termination of the agreement. The interest is not available if the deposit agreement is terminated within the first 30 days of its effective term. Termination of the agreement on Millenet deposit before the elapse of the contractual term results in loss of interest for the entire actual period in which the deposit was maintained.