You buy and sell. This is what business is all about. However, payments for the issued invoices do not arrive immediately ― in order to be more competitive you have offered extended payment terms to your customers, yet some of them are still late. On top of that you sometimes need to make an urgent purchase which cannot be postponed. However, you would like to pay your liabilities on time…

Additional money at your beck and call

Get protection from loss of liquidity. There are many ways to do it. The best one is permanent access to additional money when you need it. You will pay the cost of this only on the actually used amount.

Convert your receivables into cash

Another interesting option is to convert business receivables to cash ahead of payment date. You have done your job, so it would be good to get paid for it ASAP. This solution is also an excellent way to make your business more competitive. Did you ever have to give up fighting for a lucrative contract, because you could not offer longer payment terms out of concern for liquidity? This does not have to be your problem anymore.

Products proposed for your need

Current account overdraft

Improves liquidity ― use the money when you need it and for whatever you want. Pay interest only on the amount actually used.

Credit Card

The most convenient way to pay for business shopping. Make non-cash and cash transactions, using money granted by the Bank.

Factoring with recourse

Permits to easily convert invoices to cash before payment date, thus reducing the risk of lack of liquidity.

Factoring without recourse with insurance

Permits easy conversion of invoices to cash before payment date. The Bank assumes the risk of counterparty payment default.

Payments Collection

If managing your receivables (booking, settlement, monitoring) takes up too much of your time, then let the Bank do it for you.

Self-government Factoring

A product for companies which work with local authorities and want to extend payment terms, without jeopardising liquidity.

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